How to Get Ready for the Fourth in 10 Ways

Biggest summertime kickoff for me? The Fourth of July! BBQs, beers, campfires, the sun, water, friends – how could it not kick off summer?


This year I’ll be heading up to my favorite place on Earth. Lake Tahoe. So what am I doing to prep for this glorious weekend?

1. Wardrobe.

I’ve got to break out all my red, white, and blue outfits. It’s the best/most appropriate day of the year right? Jean shorts, flip flops, American flag tank tops. Can’t forget a hat to keep the sun off my face and the aviators for eye protection! A cute sweatshirt for when the night cools down and some comfy pants.

2. Location.

This year I got lucky. My parents now have a cabin at the lake and they let us take it over for the weekend! Normally, it’s a rush decision to determine where to go. Downtown, fireworks show, river, lake, camping? The possibilities are endless and stressful, which is why I just picked a place this year and told the amigos they can come on up or do something else. There will be fireworks on the lake, which is a plus in my book!

3. Nails.

Cheesy, I know, but you’ve got to show your stripes around this time of year! Of course I am challenged when it comes to painting nails, which is why I’ll be opting out of the fancy designs and just go for a bold red.

4. Toes.

Don’t forget about the little piggies!! Since they’ll be seeing a lot of sun and sand this weekend, I want to make sure they’re ready for they’re debut with a nice fresh coat of polish to get them all prettied up!

5. Beverages.

Usually I would be on a quest to find a creative patriotic pretty American cocktail. This year I am sticking to the beer and the Bud Light Limes are calling to me! Just a nice, light, refreshing, budget friendly beer.

6. Hydration.

I try to drink at least 80 oz. of water a day (optimistically 100 oz.) as part of this health kick I’m on. Since I’ll be spending the weekend in the sun, I’m going to drink plenty of water this week and while I’m up at the lake! I’ll be sure to bring my 32 oz. Contigo water bottle to encourage more water intake.

7. Techie Accessories.

I never go on any trips without a couple of my favorite tech accessories. My JBL speaker – it’s perfect to bring and use in the cabin, while we’re sitting outside, or hanging at the beach. My selfie stick – and I am not ashamed to use it! It may be dorky and touristy but it’s a genius invention! And who cares if people I never will see again laugh at my selfie stick usage?! Not me! 🙂

8. Activities.

In Tahoe the possibilities are endless for how to fill your time. But it’s always a good ideas to plan some stuff out. We always pick out a hike to do before we go. This year we will also be able to take some kayaks out and ride bikes by the lake. There’s also always the option to bring my boyfriend’s jeep and jeep around on the trails!

9. Beaching Accessories.

I always bring my small camelback in my backpack just in case we end up walking farther to another beach. Can’t forget the beach towel to tan on and the sunscreen to prevent the burn! Putting the life proof case on the phone is always a good idea when you’re laying by the water too! Don’t forget your stylish sunnies too!

10. Friends.

Of course the last thing on my list is probably the key part to a fabulous holiday weekend. I need my peeps with me to make the memories and create the shenanigans!

And there you have it. My 10 ways to prep for the Fourth! Happy BBQ’n!