5 Random Thoughts I’ve Had Today #2

These random thoughts are constantly happening…so I thought I’d start a weekly post for some entertainment; for myself and all of you! (I get just as entertained, if not more from some of the things I think about).

1. I wish that every time you worked out it would just build on top of each other and the time spent not working out wouldn’t be so bad either. Then I can tell people, “Ok, you’re done here,” and then the gym will be less crowded.

2. I have had a headache all week so far. Oh my gosh. Could I have withdrawals from drinking? I only had one beer this weekend…is this my body’s way of telling me something is wrong?

3. If I ate lunch at 12:00 pm, is 1:00 pm an appropriate time to start afternoon snacking? Should I eat the popcorn my coworker brought me, an ice cream, my pluot…all of it?

4. I can only watch funny shows tonight before bed. Too many nightmares last night. No more Pretty Little Liars! (Before bed at least)

5. I need to bring toothpicks or floss to work. There’s popcorn stuck in my teeth I’m pretty sure…

Stay tuned for more of my interesting thoughts 😉

My Top 10 Songs to Run to Right Now

I HATE running. HATE it. Always have. But recently I’ve been getting bored with my workouts and I wanted to change things up a bit. So I have started running a mile whenever I can. Just a mile though. Baby steps. Don’t want to get too excited. It’s been a very hard challenge. After my first run I couldn’t even walk. I was limping around work more than the lady with the walker.

I’ve been running for a couple weeks at my gym on the treadmill even though I have a gym at my work. This past week I finally decided to put my lunch hour to good use and hit up the gym. It was pretty awkward – not going to lie. We have one gym rat in the office and he’s ALWAYS there. It almost feels like his gym and like I should have knocked before I went in! Anyway, that first day I forgot my headphones. The office gym rat blasts heavy metal and Nickelback from the stereo – out loud. So I was stuck there running on the treadmill listening to his awful, non motivating music. That run was THE worst. The next day I double and triple checked that I brought my headphones, and that turned out to be a MUCH easier run! It’s got to be the soundtrack!

Here’s my top 10 favorite songs to listen to currently:

1. Lean On – Major Lazer

2. Renegades – VHS

3. Crash and Burn – Thomas Rhett

4. Shut Up and Dance – Walk the Moon

5. Sugar – Maroon 5

6. Love Me Like You Do – Ellie Goulding

7. Somebody – Natalie La Rose

8. Dirty Work – Austin Mahone

9. Outside – Calvin Harris

10. I Want You to Know – Zedd

What songs are you listening to for your running soundtrack?! I’d love suggestions!

Happy running!

How to Cure That Hangover in 10 Ways

So because one of my hobbies involves having a few drinks every once in a while, it’s a never-ending struggle to find that ultimate cure to the hangover. Being hung over is just the worst. You always feel delirious, everything that’s anything is hilarious, when it’s really not, and you get this feeling of how leftovers look in the fridge after a week. And sometimes you get those mean hangover sweats and you’re just completely disgusting.

Obviously we all have our own remedies, but here’s what usually works for me!

1. Ibuprofen

Hit up the pain killers. Don’t think that your hangover headache is going to go away naturally.

2. Water

Ice cold water. And lots of it. You need to rehydrate all the hydration the alcohol soaked out of you!

3. Greasy food

I know, people say that greasy food is a myth. Not for me! I need to head to McDonald’s or go get a huge breakfast. I need the food to soak up everything!

4. Ginger ale

A nice cold Ginger ale or sprite really helps ease the hangover tummy.

5. Wash up

Wash your face with some cold water or luke warm water. You’ll feel refreshed afterwards and probably more awake!

6. Brush your teeth!

Enough said.

7. Nap it off

If you didn’t get enough sleep at night, then this is the only time I approve a nap. One hour max.

8. Veg out in front of the TV

Sometimes it’s best to just rent a movie or put on some Netflix and lay on the couch. And do nothing. Absolutely nothing.

9. Freshen up

Put on some fresh deodorant, pull your hair back into a messy bun, spritz some smell good stuff on, and put on a fresh face of makeup. You are ready to take on your hangover day! (Or at least appear that way)

10, Round 2

When all else fails, pop open a cold beer and start round 2! Ha ha. Just kidding. But hey if it works, it works, right? 😉

What makes you feel better after a night of drinking? Anyone else hate hangovers like me? Just kidding. Of course you do! 😉

Happy recovery!

5 Random Thoughts I’ve Had Today #1

Sometimes I can have pretty random thoughts. Sometimes they make sense, sometimes it’s more of a “where the hell is my brain on that one?” And sometimes I just want to share with all of you 🙂 This is just a quick little post, and who knows, maybe it will give you some insight into my thought processes!

1. If I don’t workout today who would know? I have plenty of old sweaty selfies to share with my workout group…

2. The working world is almost fake. After 5 o’clock strikes, none of it really exists. It just waits until 8 o’clock the next morning.

3. If I only eat half an ice cream sandwich, then that counts as portion control right?

4. I wish I liked to read for fun. I wish I wasn’t so bad at reading.

5. My hair looks like shit today. Do people notice that too?

Stay tuned for more of my interesting thoughts 😉

How to Look Like a Pro at Any Brew Fest in 10 Ways

This past weekend I went to my second brew fest. My first brew fest was, well, awesome, but a little crazy. So I didn’t hesitate to get tickets to another one! This one was in a small river town called Downieville. Another thing I want to be completely honest about…I love beer. I am no expert at all, I like what I like, and I just love beer. So brew fests are a new favorite for me.


The Downieville Mountain Brew Fest was a small town brew fest with about 20 breweries that showed for the event. I wore my favorite drinking shirt (which you’ll see in a minute) and it’s always entertaining to see the look of concentration on peoples faces as they try to read my shirt. Then the concentration turns into smiles and laughs and thumbs up. Anytime I can get a laugh out of someone is the best!

Anyway, here’s what I make sure I take with me and what I recommend for any successful brew fest experience!

1. Small backpack or fanny pack

A lot of breweries bring free things like koozies, bottle openers, stickers, etc., so I have to have somewhere to put all my goodies! I also have started collecting coasters, which they all bring, and one day when I feel crafty I’ll make something with my collection. Oh! And a backpack or fanny allow for a hands free experience so you can taste away!

My favorite small backpack, selfie stick, sunscreen, and brew fest swag.

My favorite small backpack, selfie stick, sunscreen, and brew fest swag.

2. Selfie Stick
I’m obsessed with my selfie stick, so I will continue to mention it, bear with me. It’s the best though because you can get the whole drinking team and their beers in the photo!

3. Sunscreen

Pretty self explanatory here.

4. Your favorite drinking shirt

I am a huge fan of funny shirts. It’s a weakness and problem all at once. I’m always looking for clever shirts. This weekend I wore my favorite:


5. Pace yourself

This truly is key. You do not want to be the one in the group that your friends have to drag you and shove you into a car, or the friend that becomes so dysfunctional that they have no choice to sit around and watch you be passed out. Pace yourself so you maintain a buzz, but don’t become a quick hot mess.

6. Make a new friend

There’s nothing better than being around people that share the same love you do. So strike up a conversation. Everyone is drinking as much as you are and unless you’re being an asshole, people will want to talk to you. And when you get bored you can just walk away and blame it on your buzz.


8. Be cautious of a dress or white shorts

A lot of brew fests happen in the summer. So it’s hot. You’re going to wind up wanting to sit somewhere at some point and there’s not always going to be seating. So you usually end up on the lawn, on the curb, somewhere not clean.

9. Water

Stay hydrated! It will make it possible for you to enjoy the brew fest longer! This time I got pretty tipsy in the first hour and I actually cut myself off for an hour and just drank water so I could make it to the end of the brew fest!

10. Take pictures

If you’re on a mission to drink I recommend this last thing. Have someone take a picture of you and your friends (or use your selfie-stick) when you get your first beer. Then get another picture of the end of the brew fest. The looks on your faces (more specifically, your drunk eyes) will be priceless.


For any of you that enjoy a nice cold beer, you definitely need to check these brew fests out!

Happy brew festing!