How to Enjoy Tahoe in 10 Ways


For those of you that have been to Lake Tahoe, it’s pretty easy to enjoy it in just one way – the view. But, Tahoe is one of my most favorite places in the world, and while there are a million and one things to do there, I’m just going to share a few of my favorites.

1. Sand Harbor

Probably one of the prettiest beaches around the lake. It also has the softest sand. Most of the other beaches have coarser and thicker sand. The water is so clear! And [confession] I am slightly terrified of water, and if I can’t see the bottom it freaks me out, so pretty much all the beaches are perfect for me because I can always see my toes!


2. Mt. Tallac

I hiked to the top of Mt. Tallac and it was the MOST challenging thing I have ever done in my life. Like I’ve said before, I’m not in shape, nor do I have any stamina. Mt. Tallac is a 9-point-something mile hike. Uphill. Completely uphill. But at the top it really was the most amazing view of the lake. Totally unreal. But my experience was a little rough I’ll admit. Started off the morning hungover, had a doughnut for breakfast, had not even been walking to the mailbox, let alone climbing hills, only brought 64 oz of water for both my boyfriend and I (so we ran out before we got to the top), and it happened to be weirdly hot in Tahoe that day instead of the usual 80 degrees. Regardless of the set up, it was the most beautiful view at the top. I wanted to turn around so bad and it got to the point where I could only walk 50 feet at a time but my boyfriend dragged me up that mountain thank god. 7 hours later we finally got back to the car – relieved, exhausted, dying of thirst, and feeling accomplished.


3. Eagle Lake

The Eagle Falls Trail is a nice little walk, but it’s when you keep going past the falls to Eagle Lake that I love. It’s just the prettiest lake lying in the middle of all these gigantic mountains. The perfect lunch spot.


4. Riding Bicycles

Until about a month ago I hadn’t ridden a bike in about 6 years. But it’s just like they say – it really is like riding a bike. It totally came back to me. It feels a hell of a lot more like a workout than when I was a kid though! I was panting like a dog and my quads were burning! But riding a bike is really a great way to do some sight seeing! There are trails everywhere and it’s awesome when they meet up with the shoreline.

5. Local Eats and Drinks

Of course most of my vacations are ruled by what I will be eating and drinking and where I’ll be eating and drinking. There is one bar, Chamber’s Landing, on the West Shore that is on a pier and you can easily ride a bike there and enjoy a cocktail right on the water. South Lake has a couple breweries that have really great food (and beer too!). North Shore has the Char-pit, which is this really cute  burger shack. Don’t let it’s shack appeal detour you!

6. Rubicon Trail

We’ve taken the jeeps out on the Rubicon a couple times and that is just some good fun! Unfortunately, when all the doors and windows are off and the guys love to splash through the puddles, the girls get to suffer in the back, but it’s still a good time! There’s a ton of lakes back along the trail too. Also a TON of mosquitos by some of those lakes so layer up on the bug spray! We bring some beers and sandwiches and picnic along the trail for an awesome view with our lunches.


7. Gambling Scene

South Lake is where the money’s at. Well, at least where you can try to win some money at the casinos. Sometimes after a day of adventures all we want to do is get our drink on and lose our money. Ok, ok, we are usually trying to win some money, but let’s be honest…I always lose much more than I spend. The boys usually hang out at the craps tables while the girls seek out the slots and bars. On the way to the other casino across the street we stop by the Lucky Beaver for some incredible tater tots. (I’ve never actually eaten anything else, just the tots).

8. Gondola Rides

This is a pretty pricy attraction, not going to lie. It’s $52 a person to ride up to the top of Heavenly, where you can stop off at the observation deck and take in some amazing views of the lake. Yes, it is harder on the wallet, but it is much MUCH easier on the body! Unlike my endeavor up Mt. Tallac. It is a fun experience, but probably just the one time.


9. Drive around the lake

I actually spent one day doing this. I drove around the entire lake. I stopped at almost every beach and it took about 3 hours. It was so awesome though! Not a patch of road gone unseen. And it’s a good way to catch up on the most recent tunes too!

10. Emerald Bay

Everything about Emerald Bay. The road, the lakes on both sides of you, the Vikingsholm castle, the hikes and trails; all of it. In the summer, the castle is crawling with people, which is why we always walk down to it in the winter to enjoy the peacefulness. People are great and all, but sometimes you just want to sit by yourself.


And there you have it. My favorites in Tahoe. Of course this list could go on and on, but I’ll leave some to your own imagination and curiosity!


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