How to Rule Your Twenties in 10 Ways

This year I turned 25. One quarter of a century old now. At the beginning of the year I panicked because my boyfriend was turning 26, so I thought I was too. Then I realized I was only 25 and “Thank God!” came to mind. Ha. Sorry boyfriend!

I feel like the last couple years have been an extreme learning curve for me. If only I knew then what I know now. Of course.

1. Be classy and drink champagne

My favorite phrase: “Brunch. Because Mimosas.” I also believe you can drink mimosas whenever the hell you want. I’m on the champagne campaign.

2. Be a “Yes”

If you’re always turning opportunities down how will you ever end up with bad ass stories? Your friends are jumping out of a plane? Then so are you!

3. Buy whatever you want to buy whenever you want

Because one day spending $150 on sunglasses won’t be feasible or reasonable because you’ll have actual grown up expenses.

4. Drink to that

Drink to whatever the hell you want because you can. And eventually you will reach an age where it may just be considered alcoholism.

5. Make every birthday an unforgettable one

Because let’s face it, after 30, I’m not going to be wanting to acknowledge any of them. I’ve gone skydiving, travelled to Italy, and hot air ballooned for my last few birthdays!

6. Wear whatever you want to wear

Do you have that cute crop top in the closet but are too nervous to show it off? Do it anyway. If you wait any longer it’s going to go out of style and then you’re out however many bucks.

7. Vacation frequently

Now’s the time to travel! Take as many trips as you can before you acquire any actual responsibilities. Like the New Boyz say, “You ain’t gonna tie me down!”

8. Stay up late or go to bed early

Either way you can do whichever you please because no one can tell you what to do. You want to party all night? Do it! You want to go to sleep before it gets dark? Do it!!

9. Make new friends

I have a best friend from elementary school that will be my best friend until the end of time, but I have met the best people in my 20s. The quality of friends is just so much better when we are this age!

10. Own the freedom

Basically, the 20s are the time to do it all. Whatever you want. You’re old enough to be treated as an adult, but young enough that people don’t expect too much of you.

I freakin’ love being in my 20s. It’s a badass time in your life and you’ve gotta embrace it. Happy partying 🙂

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