How to Indulge in My Top 10 TV Show Favorites

I will admit it, probably a few more times, but I am a couch potato at heart. Don’t get me wrong though, I love being outdoors and traveling to new places, but when I find a new show on Netflix or Hulu, I get addicted! When I come home from work I just want to sit in front of the couch, lay in bed, or workout in front of the TV to get my fix! Here’s a list of the ones I just can’t resist.


1. Gossip Girl

I love the characters, I love the drama, I love the deceit and scandal, I love the city life. There’s so much goodness in one spot.

2. Nashville

It took me much longer than it should have to start watching this show. But I am hooked! Once again, for the drama, and the scandals of being a celebrity.

3. How I Met Your Mother

I am a diehard HIMYM fan. I love every episode! It’s just such a good feel good show. And we could all use more laughs.

4. Party Down South

This truly is a guilty pleasure. It’s all about the drinking, southern accents, partying 24/7, all the insanely awesome redneck activities. Definitely a trashy and entertaining show!

5. Bachelor and Bachelorette

Whatever time of year it is – if it’s the Bachelor or Bachelorette, I’m watching it! Religiously! And I’m making into a party with fatty foods and plenty of vino.

6. Scandal

This show makes me want to be President. Or just work with politicians. So many scandals! And soooo much drama!

7. Grey’s Anatomy

I really should have stopped watching this show several years ago but I can’t stop! I just neeeeed to find out what happens to everyone!! I’m loyal to those characters!

8. Pretty Little Liars

This one is pretty terrible. If any one of those girls did what a normal person would have done in the beginning there wouldn’t be a need for this show. But now I’m hooked. I must find out who A is!!

9. Revenge

It’s pretty simple. I love this show for the revenge. So devious!

10. Friends

It’s such a classic and I feel like I can apply it to my life all the time. Always my go-to favorite!

Some of these shows I’m still in the middle of and some of these I’ve finished, some more than once! Did I mention anyone’s favorites? What am I missing out on? Let me know!


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