How to Cure That Hangover in 10 Ways

So because one of my hobbies involves having a few drinks every once in a while, it’s a never-ending struggle to find that ultimate cure to the hangover. Being hung over is just the worst. You always feel delirious, everything that’s anything is hilarious, when it’s really not, and you get this feeling of how leftovers look in the fridge after a week. And sometimes you get those mean hangover sweats and you’re just completely disgusting.

Obviously we all have our own remedies, but here’s what usually works for me!

1. Ibuprofen

Hit up the pain killers. Don’t think that your hangover headache is going to go away naturally.

2. Water

Ice cold water. And lots of it. You need to rehydrate all the hydration the alcohol soaked out of you!

3. Greasy food

I know, people say that greasy food is a myth. Not for me! I need to head to McDonald’s or go get a huge breakfast. I need the food to soak up everything!

4. Ginger ale

A nice cold Ginger ale or sprite really helps ease the hangover tummy.

5. Wash up

Wash your face with some cold water or luke warm water. You’ll feel refreshed afterwards and probably more awake!

6. Brush your teeth!

Enough said.

7. Nap it off

If you didn’t get enough sleep at night, then this is the only time I approve a nap. One hour max.

8. Veg out in front of the TV

Sometimes it’s best to just rent a movie or put on some Netflix and lay on the couch. And do nothing. Absolutely nothing.

9. Freshen up

Put on some fresh deodorant, pull your hair back into a messy bun, spritz some smell good stuff on, and put on a fresh face of makeup. You are ready to take on your hangover day! (Or at least appear that way)

10, Round 2

When all else fails, pop open a cold beer and start round 2! Ha ha. Just kidding. But hey if it works, it works, right? ๐Ÿ˜‰

What makes you feel better after a night of drinking? Anyone else hate hangovers like me? Just kidding. Of course you do! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Happy recovery!


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