How to Own Sunday Funday in 5 Ways

Last weekend we came home from the brew fest in Downieville, just excited about life because it was such a great time. My friend and I started talking about how we wish weekends were longer (just like everyone else in America) and how we hate that Sundays are usually spent prepping for the weekend. So we decided to take full advantage of the Sunday Funday mentality.

1. Leisurely stroll through Target

We went to Target and looked at all the cute things we can’t afford to buy, but it was fun just walking around and looking at stuff. Of course I went there with the intention of buying face wash and toilet paper, and then $100 later I walk out with god knows what and no toilet paper. Then I remember why I love/hate shopping at Target.

2. Visit BevMo

Again, I love champagne. BevMo sells these hibiscus flowers that are soaked in syrup. You put them in your champagne glass and then pour the champagne over them. The bubbles make them open up and it’s so awesome! Then you can actually eat the flowers! They taste just like fruit leather. It’s a win win all around.


3. Indulge in a burger

We have a little hole in the wall burger place in town, Local Heroes. These burgers are ah-mazing! They have this amazing house sauce (that no one really knows what it is) but it is the key ingredient to these burgers! They’re definitely committal though; like you can’t put them down, you just have to plow through the whole thing.


4. Pretend like it’s a Saturday afternoon

Forget the woes of Monday morning! It’s already tragic enough that we only get two days of the week to ourselves to do what we actually want to do – don’t waste half of a day worrying about the rest of the week!


Just sit around and relax! Enjoy the sunny day, hang out outside, and do everything you can to not acknowledge the fact that it’s a Sunday.

Enjoy your Sunday! Don’t look at it as a sign of the beginning of the end of the weekend. Look at it as just one more day of the weekend!

Happy Sunday Funday 🙂

4 thoughts on “How to Own Sunday Funday in 5 Ways

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