How to Get Ready for Work in a Rush in 10 Ways

Usually I try to be pretty optimistic about my mornings before work: Get up, wake up, work out, make my shake, make my lunch, maybe even do some dishes if I’m feeling up to it. But some mornings (maybe more than I’d like to admit) hitting snooze never felt so good. And then I keep hitting snooze. And keep going. And one more time. Until….oh shit! I have 10 minutes to get up and in the car and on my way to work!

I know this has happened to you before…at least once right?! It sucks. It makes your morning so stressful and rushed and just all around awful. But when this happens you have got to get your butt moving! Here are my morning priorities before I run out the door.

1. Brush your teeth and put on deodorant

This has to be done first! These are not things you can do at work and even if you do try to do it in the bathroom at work when you get here, someone is going to walk in and catch you reenacting your last walk of shame.  

2. Dry shampoo

Spray some dry shampoo around your hairline to give you a slightly fresher look than “I literally did just roll out of bed.”

3. Throw your hair up

High pony, quick braid, messy bun? Whatever your go-to style is, get it up! Throw in a cute clip or headband to add in a distraction!

4. Put on a simple outfit

Choose something that doesn’t need a lot of layers or belts or accessories; something that you can just throw it on. Even pull on some flats so you really can run to the car if needed!

5. Bare minimum makeup

This is if you have three minutes to spare…put on some foundation, a touch of blush, and some mascara. You don’t need to do your makeup to the nines, just enough to make you look awake and not show off your wonderful bags.

6. Perfume

Spray some smell good stuff on you! It will help you feel more awake and feel refreshed (even though we all know you didn’t have time to shower this morning).

7. Grab some fuel

Grab a bottle of water, because if you don’t get time to eat, at least you can drink water until you get your hands on some food. I try to keep some kind of power bars or breakfast bars in the cupboard to eat as an out-the-door kind of snack. Grab one of those on your way out too, to get some fuel in your tummy for the day!

8. Drive like you’re completely on time

Driving like a maniac is not going to save you enough minutes to be on time if you feel like you aren’t going to make it in time. Besides, that’s when mistakes are made and we don’t want anything else getting in the way of getting you to the office!

9. Walk in cool and collected

Don’t ever let them see you sweat. Walk in like you would everyday: Who’s in a hurry? Me? Nope. This is just a regular day for me!

10. Accept the fact that shit happens

We’re humans. We can’t all be perfect every hour of every day, so sometimes we’re going to oversleep, and sometimes we’re going to be rushed on the way to work. As long as you’re there on time 90% of the time then I really don’t think anyone should give a damn about you walking in a little late once.

That’s how I get to work! Of course this doesn’t happen all the time, but sometimes the odds are against me and the want to sleep is over powering. But when it does happen I know exactly what I need to get done before I run out of the house!

Anything else you guys do to get rid of that just-out-of-bed look when you’ve overslept?

2 thoughts on “How to Get Ready for Work in a Rush in 10 Ways

  1. I am not a morning person
    Infact I have spent quite a lot of years in an establishment that allows me to start work after 1pm
    E.g bar girl/extended hours consultant
    But now im jobless because I’m travelling and I’m wondering what my next no morning job is going to be
    Who made up these times anyway
    They suck
    How about we all do 11-7
    We all get a lie in
    We can all go for dinner afterwards
    Even farmers
    When did a chicken ever say you have to feed me at 5 am
    Mornings with work make me sad
    I commend you for waking up early haha!!

    Liked by 1 person

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