10 Things You Never Think About When You Move Out on Your Own

I moved out of my parents’ house when I was 24. I was so glad that I waited that long because I saved a TON of money. Of course, now all of that money has gone to rent, but it’s a learning experience, right? Right…….

Anyway, my parents have accumulated everything you could ever imagine needing. So when you move out, there’s a lot of little things that you don’t think about. Want to use a pizza cutter for your pizza? You got it. Need a blender for your margaritas? You got it. Want to grate some cheese? You got it. It’s pretty amazing all of the things that just don’t come to mind until you absolutely need it.

So, here’s a few things that I noticed, maybe at the last minute, but I noticed about moving out on my own.

1. Spider and bug patrol

At the parents’ house it was always mom or dad to the rescue! Now, who was going to step up to protect me?! Just because I live on my own, does not mean I should be forced to overcome my severe case of arachnophobia! I once found a silverfish in my dryer. Don’t know what a silverfish is? Google it. It’s one of the creepiest bugs of all time. My boyfriend refused to catch it, so in that quick second I had to grow a backbone and squish the shit out of that thing. I get the chills just thinking about it.

2. Opening jars

Another thing that never occurred to me. Also, a reason I work out those arms! You better be able to muster up the strength to open a jar otherwise you won’t be eating! Or I always resort to banging the jar upside down on the floor to break the seal. Sorry downstairs neighbor, but a girl’s got to eat! Ain’t no way I’m giving up that easily!

3. Owning a scale

During my weight loss adventure, it was almost impossible to track my weight without a consistent scale. I always used my parents’, but when I moved out I had to use whatever scale I could stand on. The gym, Target, back to the parents’, friends’ house, anywhere. But it doesn’t help if I’m constantly on a different scale. I finally had to break down and head to Target to pick one out.

4. Buying a blender

When I started the 21 Day Fix, I needed a blender for my Shakeology. I told my parents that I would only need to borrow theirs for that 21 days. Well 21 days turned into 3 months because I ended up liking the Shakeology so much. One day they finally asked for it back. So again, I had to make that awful trip to Target to purchase a blender. So many options!

5. Cheese grater

Never ever thought of buying one of these. But I just always end up buying pre-shredded cheese anyway. Problem solved!

6. Smoke detectors have/need batteries

Of course those batteries are going to go out at 10:30 pm and scare the shit out of you while you try to fall asleep. And of course it is going to be at the highest point in your vaulted ceilings. I don’t own a step ladder, because who needs one of those? So I then have to take everything off the top of my dresser and drag my dresser across the room. Then I finally climb on top of it and pull the battery out, only to learn that in apartments the detectors are like hard wired in. So it keeps chirping every couple of minutes. Then I have to run to 7-11 at 11:30 pm to buy batteries. Like a weirdo.

7. Cleaning products

  I don’t know about your parents, but my parents had every cleaning product under the sun, for every possible disaster. I never thought of stocking up on those until that one day when I stained one of my favorite tops. Quick! Spray the stain remover all over it! Oh, wait.  I don’t own anything like that! And yet again, another awful and expensive trip to Target. But that time when you get RED wine out of your boyfriend’s WHITE shirt; you feel like a badass, and you are officially an adult.

8. Toilet issues

Whenever there was a problem at home, I would just wait for my dad to come home from work to fix the toilet, and I’d use the other room in the meantime. Well when I moved out…guess who got a quick 101 to plumbing. Me. One day I had to leave for work early my toilet started overflowing when I flushed it. Just dumping out water. I ran and turned off the valve, but there was water everywhere. All before work in the morning! I ran and got all my extra towels and then threw them on the floor. I finally mopped everything up, but I had to go to work! So I just threw everything in the shower and left. And yes, I purchased a plunger on the way home at Target (starting to become my Mecca) and had my boyfriend teach me how to use it. EMBARRASSING. But then again, just one of those life lessons.

9. Coasters are a real necessity

When I moved out I had a moment of craftiness and I made my own coffee table. But when I took it to my new place my boyfriend would put his glass on the table and it left all these watermarks on it!! I, being the OCD woman that I am, jumped on Amazon and ordered me some coasters. Call me a Monica (from friends, get it?), but they are life savers!!

10. Vacuuming

My mom always vacuumed on the regular. Probably once a week, and when I was a kid it was to the soundtrack of Gloria Estefan. Some of the best memories! When I moved out I had to buy my own vacuum, and of course, being the young and broke adult that I am, I marched straight over to Target and bought myself the cheapest one. And now I can vacuum one room, then it overheats, then I wait 20 minutes and vacuum the second room, and so on, until the whole place is complete. Annoying.

Hope all of you have/had thought about those things! What else did I miss? What did you find out when you moved out?

17 thoughts on “10 Things You Never Think About When You Move Out on Your Own

  1. Bottle opener! When I moved out of my parents (at 27) it didn’t occur to me just how important one of these little life savers were until I’d had a bad day at work and was in dire need a glass of something alcoholic. After I’d bought said something alcoholic and got home I had a total hissy fit because I had no way of opening the bottle. I have three in the draw now!

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