How to Dress for a Country Concert In 7 Ways

As I’ve mentioned before…I don’t have any hobbies. But going to concerts is probably as close to a hobby as it gets for me. I love experiencing the music in person!! I’m a little country girl, so they’re usually country concerts, but every once in awhile we’ll mix it up. We usually go for the lawn seats so we can meet up with friends. They’re perfect, since there is no assigned seating, if you see someone you know, or hell, just made a new best friend, you can all sit together! The two biggest things to a country concert: your outfit and your tailgating scene.

I will try on clothes after clothes, after hats, after boots, to find the perfect concert outfit. Here’s what’s going into my concert look!

1. Top

When it’s hot out, I’m looking at my tank tops. I also check out any bandeaus I have that I could wear under a looser top. But if it’s cold out, my go-to is my flannel plaid shirts. Sometimes it gets cold at night though during the summer, so then I bring a flannel as a jacket.

2. Jeans/Shorts

When it’s cooler out, I break out my best boot cut jeans. But when it’s hotter than hell out there, you can bet that I’m breaking out my daisy dukes! Since 90% of the concerts we go to are lawn seats, I try to stay away from my white shorts.

3. Boots

You must wear your boots to a country concert. Plain and simple.

4. Hair

I love to curl my hair up real nice for the country concerts! (I am definitely writing this blog in a southern accent. Ha ha!) But sometimes I’m dashing from work to the concert and it just doesn’t work out.

5. Jewelry

Rings, earrings, bracelets, I break it all out. I own a ton of jewelry, probably more than I need to, but during the week at work I’m pretty simple with the accessories, so nights like these are when I bring out my favorites!

6. Tats

Okay, call me immature or whatever, but I’m obsessed with Flash Tats! I love them! Such a great idea. Ever since I saw them on the Bachelor, I’ve been hooked!

7. Cowboy hat

When I show up early to tailgate it can pretty hot out there in the middle of summer! And having a hat to shade my face is so nice! And plus, it helps me embrace that inner country girl!
Just a little bit of tips from me! Now put your boots on, turn up that music, and channel your inner country cutie!! Happy tailgating y’all! 😉

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