How to Take Your Best IPhone Photos in 5 Ways

I never carry a camera anymore. One day soon I’m sure I will invest in a nice camera to improve this blog, but until then I will rely on my trusty iPhone, since it’s practically attached to me anyway. I never have to worry about leaving it behind! I’m not going to lie…I think I’m pretty damn good at taking pictures with my phone. It just sucks when you ask someone else to take a picture of you and you look at it and it’s just like…um…were you even looking at what you were doing? It’s so simple! Maybe people just don’t have that “creative eye”? Nah, it’s pretty simple.

So when your friend takes an awesome picture of you, you want to be able to return the favor. Here’s how.

1. Tap the screen to focus on the person or object.

This is so important! It’s a phone – so it’s not going to automatically know what to do every time. This way the lighting can adjust and you can be sure it’s going to focus on the main object. But you want to tap so that the face and the background are equally lit. You don’t want to make the face a big black hole or the background a white out!

2. Rule of thirds!

Pictures are so much more interesting when you don’t put the person smack dab in the middle! It’s more pleasing to the eye and you can get more of the background in the frame as well.

3. Clean the lense.

Make sure the lense is clean! Since it is your phone and you hold it in your hand all day, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll get a finger print on it at some point. Then you get that weird hazy glow like in the picture above. Do you see what I mean? Wipe it off with your shirt to get that crisp look back.

4. Download a worthy editing app

I am constantly downloading editing apps! Just to see which ones I like the best! Currently, I have PicLab, VSCO, and Filter Loop. I don’t use them all, but I like some for different reasons. And of course I have my Instagram account. (My slightly biggest addiction to anything. Ever.)

5. Take more than one

Come on now, we’re girls. We always hate the first picture. Take several and keep taking them when your friend starts to laugh at your ridiculousness. Candids are awesome and no one can ever say, “Hey, can you take a candid picture of me like this?” Well I guess someone could say that, you just wouldn’t ever get what you have pictured.

When in doubt, pull that selfie stick out. You might have noticed that I have a slight obsession with my selfie stick by now, but it really is the best invention ever. This way you have complete control over what kind of photo is being taken!!

What other tips did I miss??


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