How to Control My Spending: Update

A few weeks ago I posted about how I was going to get my spending under control.Β I had come up with a bunch of ideas that I thought would really help me. And the results are in….

They did help! I saved $600 during the month of August, compared to my average monthly spending! It was soooo exciting!

But of course, I celebrated this with a trip to Starbucks, and Target. Yes, I broke down and went to the dreaded Target. Since I hadn’t been there in so long, there was a whole new season of everything out on the floor! Clothes, bags, shoes, decor, help, help, help. I went a little overboard with the celebrating, but I will definitely not be needing to go back to Target anytime soon. Like maybe for another two months.

It felt really good to get that credit card bill and not have a heart attack by the amount I had put on it! Here is what I need to focus on this month to keep it going!

1.Celebratory trips to Starbucks

Yes, after that bill came, I was ecstatic. And you know what I did first? Pulled out my phone and that damn Starbucks app, and reloaded my card! That app is the most dangerous app I’ve ever downloaded. I went once this week though, but I also got a breakfast sandwich. Shame.

2. Drinks

In the last two weeks I’ve gone to three concerts. I buy beer and food beforehand to tailgate of course, but then I get inside the venue and make a beeline to the ID station, and then to the beer line. Um hello dumbass! You just spent $30 in the parking lot pregaming, and now you’re in here buying a $10 beer? I think you’ve had enough! Really going to try this month to just cool it. Alcohol is expensive!

3. Food

Last month…I was killingggg it in the kitchen! I was getting creative and using all of my groceries in the fridge! It’s day 4 of the month, and I’ve already gone out to lunch three times. Wrong direction! It’s like I’m an addict to spending money. I had one “sober” month and now I’m “relapsing”. Great.

I’m heading to a rib fest this weekend and can’t wait to tell all y’all all about it! Sorry this post wasn’t my usual flow, but I was just too excited not to share my successes! Have a safe Labor Day Weekend everyone!

8 thoughts on “How to Control My Spending: Update

  1. You should put a budget app on your phone. You can get some really great free ones. Most of them are also really great because you put your spending into categories and at the end of the month you can see in a pie graph how much your spending in one particular area. Getting an app and using it has really helped us save money the last few months.

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