How to Spend Your Labor Day Weekend in 6 Ways: Rib Fest Style

Every year, Reno has it’s annual Rib Fest on Labor Day weekend. Three years ago the boyfriend and all of our friends went up there for it, and I had to stay behind because of my bartending job that refused to acknowledge weekends and holidays. Last year I had my big girl job so I was finally able to go! Last year, it was so hot, I think I ate about 3 ribs, and just felt sick to my stomach. We went back to the hotel and I just went to bed, while everyone stayed up partying. It was awful. I was so bummed because I had been waiting for that weekend! And then I just did not feel good.

Looks like we’re making it a tradition and we attended the Rib Fest again this year! But, knowing what I knew from the previous year, I was determined to make this year A W E S O M E.

  1. Drink plenty of water

Hydrating is so key here! But don’t drink so much that you just feel full the whole time.

2. Don’t show up super early

I can only eat so much meat in one sitting before feeling miserable and getting the meat sweats. Last year we showed up at noon, which gave us like 7 hours to fill time between meals. That was way too much time. But then again, it’s always so hot when we go, so maybe we should have gone earlier!? I definitely got overheated this year and it was not fun.

3. Be conscious of your rib picks

There are seriously a TON of rib booths, that you cannot try them all. You shouldn’t try them all. I just pick a couple that smell amazing and go for it. And even then, I’m only eating one rib from each place. You need to eat something more with a little more sustenance! I just start to get overwhelmed with all that meat!

 4. If your hotel has a pool…use it!

My biggest problem last year is that I got overheated and just couldn’t do anything to feel better. We should have gone down to the pool to relax, cool off, and kill time. I mean, I just can’t drink the WHOLE day – I’d get too drunk too early!

5. Bring your own booze

Casinos are expensive. Drinks, bottles, whatever. It’s expensive. I have no idea why I’ve always had this mental block against bringing my own alcohol. It’s MY hotel room. Not a concert! I can bring whatever I want in there! It’s going to be MUCH cheaper to mix your own drinks in your room. Remember, I’m trying to be budget friendly!

6. Stay the night!

We always get a hotel room for the one night. It’s just so hot and exhausting during the day, and it’d be a drag to cut the day short to drive home. This year we just relaxed in the room with some drinks and had pizza delivered. Then at about 9:00 pm we hit the town! We watched the boys gamble and pretended like we were playing so we could get a free drink! I’m not a big gambler, so I just wait for the boyfriend to finish playing and then we hit up the little brewery for some dancing! Damn! It was a good time!!

And now it’s Monday and reality sets in again tomorrow. Woo. But I couldn’t wait to tell all of you about my weekend! What food fests do you participate in?!


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