How to Survive the Pit at a Concert in 10 Ways

It has always been on my bucket list to get pit tickets to a concert. I have gone to tons of concerts in the last decade or so (god that makes me start to feel old), but I’ve never been anywhere near the stage. I wanted to, just one time, buy a pit ticket and be up there in the front, looking up at the musicians, and just scream like a crazy fangirl. Well, this year we finally got pit tickets! We went and saw Florida Georgia Line, and it was so insanely awesome and scary at the same time! That was my first experience, and may even have been my last…but I want to tell those of you that want to get in the pit, how to survive.

1. Make friends with everyone

We got there so early because we were determined to be touching that stage! We headed in, got our wristbands and headed into the pit. There wasn’t a lot of people there yet, so we were able to get pretty close. We started talking to people around us in an attempt to make friends that could save our spots when we had to leave for a potty break or drinks. Most of them were friendly, but some of them were a little too hammered for the hour of the day to deal with. I knew that was not going to turn out well later.

2. Don’t wear heavy clothes

Once the second opener came on it just felt like people swarmed to the pit area. It was already an extremely hot day to begin with. I wore a tank top, shorts, and my hair up in a bun. I had a feeling that being in the middle of a hundred other sweaty bodies was not going to ever give me an opportunity to get cold. I was right. I never got cold, and never stopped sweating.

3. Don’t wear nice clothes

Because of all the sweating and being shoved around, I knew that wearing any nice top was probably a little risky. I wore a very casual cotton tank top and I’m so glad I did. I got so much beer dumped on me it was a little ridiculous. A little of mine, and a lot more of everyone else’s.

4. Wear closed toe shoes

I wore my boots (because I wear them to every country concert), but trust me, you would not want anything else on your feet. People were stomping all over the place and thank god I had my boots on so my toes weren’t victims!

5. Take a group of friends with you

We had six of us in that pit. All girls and then the boyfriend. (He’s a brave soul!) Being with a larger group made it easier to claim a spot, and easier to find us in the crowd. We were able to leave for drinks in shifts and then squeeze our way back to the group. (This is where the making of friends comes in handy because they can help you recognize where you are in the crowd).

6. Make sure your phone is fully charged

I took probably close to 500 pictures on my phone that night. I couldn’t help it, I was so excited! Yes, a third of them were super blurry, but still, I was determined to capture everything! Unfortunately, my phone did die before the concert ended, but only by about a song or two.

7. Wear a small purse that zips closed

I definitely needed somewhere to keep my chapstick, ID, money, and hand sanitizer. I brought a little brown purse that zips closed, which was nice because once it got dark I was able to put my sunglasses in there for safe keeping. I also bought a T-shirt before the beginning of the concert, so it was nice to have somewhere to put it.

8. Don’t fight back

So I am going to admit, when that swarm of people started in the pit, I became a little claustrophobic, and I started panicking. I asked the guy in front of me to stop touching me for a second so I could catch my breath and then his girlfriend started screaming at me, “You’re in the f-ing pit, get over it!” Then through my drunk eyes, I saw a girl who wanted to fight me, so what was my defense mechanism? I started crying. Ahhh yes. Lovely. She did back off though! Once I calmed down I was able to have fun. Although, later, some girl kept bumping into my friend, so my friend just gave her a little hip bump back and the girl freaked out and PUNCHED her in the head! She punched my friend in the head! What the hell! I literally thought it was about to go down like Jersey Shore. But you know how my friend reacted? She just looked at her and kept dancing. Do that if anyone punches you!

9. Be aware of the older crowd

For whatever reason there was a ton of people in the crowd in their 40s and 50s. They were the most rambunctious! At one point we all got shoved, like dominoes, and fell into this lady. She freaked out and shoved one of my friends and started screaming at us to not push them. Yeah, lady, we totally did that on purpose. Just be careful, because they were the craziest.

10. Have fun!

So yes, I had some more crazier stories than fun ones, but I did have fun. When I wasn’t being shoved or yelled at, it really was awesome! We were so close I could actually see the expression on their faces as they performed! The boyfriend even caught TWO guitar picks! And we did make friends with some cool people, and it was just absolutely awesome being that close!

Thomas Rhett

Frankie Ballard

Florida Georgia Line

So, have any of you been in the pit at a concert?! How was it? Do you have any crazy stories like me?

26 thoughts on “How to Survive the Pit at a Concert in 10 Ways

  1. I have never been to a concert. Ever. Can’t afford it! But that hasn’t stopped me from wishing and making up my (impossible) but ideal concert! I’ll remember these tips if I ever get to go to one, and (ha!) if I ever get to sit in the pit. πŸ™‚

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  2. This was so spot on! I 100% agree with that whole list. I went to see Dallas Smith with one of my girlfriends and we got VIP up near the stage. Little did we know it just meant we had first dibs in the pit. We got shoved, stepped on, spilt on, screamed at. It was a whole other level of crazy and brought a very ragey side out of me! I would say it was a once in a lifetime thing – life’s too short for that chaos haha

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  3. Hi there, thanks for checking out and following my blog! I loved this ‘survival’ guide – I’ve not heard of the band, so unsure of the music type. But my other half likes his metal and has taken me to concerts with walls of death and circle pits rotating at 50mph – never, ever been so terrified!

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  4. Hey Allison! My best friend and I went to a concert this past summer and we were in the pit. We both wore light clothes, closed-toed shoes, and small bags that zipped closed. The venue was crowded, but thankfully, we still had some room to jump and dance! The lead singer walked over to where we were, and the whole crowd moved in that direction, causing us to be really squished. Still, it was fun to be that close to him. I don’t know if this is fun or gross, but he spilled his water bottle into the crowd and I got a little wet haha! It was my first experience in a pit, and I definitely enjoyed it. πŸ™‚

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    • Sounds like we were definitely on the same page! And don’t worry I totally know what you mean. The last band that was on that night threw their red solo cups into the crowd (full of whiskey) but I was still so excited!!


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  6. Great pics girl! If I go to a concert now I can’t plan it. Getting punched has to be something I’ll actually tolerate that day and can’t plan in advance. Like travelling. I can get on a plane today but do I really have the patience a month from now? This is why old people are sedentary and start buying nice furniture in their 30’s so they don’t have to leave the house! πŸ™‚

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  7. Exactly the advice I was looking for….not sure how I am going to fare without my flip flops especially because they keep me cool, but I will definitely heed your advice! First time ever Pit for Chris Stapleton coming up in August and I’m so excited. I wasn’t sure if being laid back country would be a much smoother experience than say a rock concert but seems like a good first. Dave Matthews Band will always be my dream pit experience… πŸ™‚ Happy coming concert season!!!!

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