How to Caption Your Photos in 4 Ways

So I think I’ve mentioned before, but I love Instagram. Like I think I might actually be borderline obsessed with it. I love posting pictures and using filters and playing with the lighting and stuff to create the perfect image. And yes, I get excited when people like my pictures, so I always make sure I pick the perfect picture. My biggest challenge: typing up the perfect caption for that perfect photo. Am I the only one making this a bigger deal than it probably needs to be?!

Here’s what I’m thinking about when I come up with my captions. There’s really only 4 things I ever consider.

1. How can this sound as cool as possible?

Obviously, Instagram is a way to highlight your most glorious adventures. Think about it. I don’t post pictures when my toilet is clogged or when I’m watching Pretty Little Liars on the couch on the middle of a Saturday. I post pictures when I’m at a concert, when I’m in Tahoe on the top of a mountain, when I’m in a hot air balloon. The moments I really want to share with people!

2. Should I caption what’s actually happening in this photo?

Or do people find that boring? I want to seem like I’m a wise and profound picture poster, but sometimes I’m like, no this is really all that’s happening here. And it’s cool. Boom.

3. Would an emoji work here?

Sometimes I literally am so stumped I just do an emoji. Instead of saying “Riding bikes in Tahoe!” (Like any other time we go to Tahoe) I just went with 🚴🏼🚴🏼 and hope people get the idea. It works right?

4. Go for the element of confusion

This is definitely the boyfriend’s style. He likes to ramble off these words of wisdom and then gets disappointed when he doesn’t get as many likes. Well…that’s because no one understands them. Ha ha! He’s pretty clever sometimes though πŸ˜‰

So that’s how we do it ’round here. I know, I know, not really the most important thing in the world, but you have no idea how much time I spend thinking of the perfect caption. It’ll make or break your photo! It’s the important things in life!! πŸ˜‰

12 thoughts on “How to Caption Your Photos in 4 Ways

  1. I always think about the timing and a hashtag that is relevant of when it goes out too. The post that I had the most likes on, was a picture I found near me of an apartment complex that was called Compton Heights. I put it out on the Friday of the opening of Straight Outta Compton and hashtag #StraightouttaCompton and I got all kinds of likes on it of people that I didn’t know. I guess it was really good timing.

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  2. A picture speaks a thousand words. Nothing will warm your heart faster or better than a picture can, it’s amazing how quick memories and feelings flood into your mind and soul when you find a picture you’d forgotten about- love that! Instagram is a fantastic way of documenting your life, seriously need to get me a piece of that! X

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