How I’m Reflecting On the Last Day of Summer in 13 Ways

This was the first summer with my big girl job: the first summer with weekends off. Last summer I had days off during the week, so we would always go to the river because it wasn’t crowded mid week. This summer I learned that I almost hate weekends. It’s me and 75% of America trying to travel, run errands, go shopping, and traffic sucks! Over populated areas suck! But I really did have an amazing summer. And I’m sad to see it go. I’ve been looking back through photos remembering all of the fun things I did this summer. Disclaimer: This is definitely a picture post!

1. Brew fests

Brew fests are my new favorite thing. I love trying new beers and those are the best opportunity for it. The first brew fest I went to in May I got a little too excited and did not pace myself at all. (Newb). The second brew fest I did much better at! So much fun and a great way to socialize with new people too!

2. Lake Tahoe

Tahoe is my home away from home. We were going up there at least once a month if not more. Truly is my favorite place and all of the best adventures happen there!

3. House boating

The boyfriend’s best friend’s family has a houseboat. And not just a houseboat – it feels more like a cruise ship! We were only able to go out once this summer – but we totally make up for it in that one trip! Sunshine, friends, beer, boating, surfing, jet skis, you name it. 
4. Gender Reveal Party

My best friend is pregnant with her third child. She has two boys already so we were all praying for a girl! I got to do a gender party reveal for her and do the baby shower too! So excited for them!

5. New Workouts

June and July were really good workout months for me! Ever since then I’ve definitely fallen off the wagon. I’ll get back on today because it’s Monday and I never start something on any other day 😉

6. River time

We only made it to the river once this summer. But I got to go my with my friends and their little boys and the look of terror while they tried to swim! (With life vests on) I’m sorry I just couldn’t help it. Too funny!!

7. Jeeping

We took out the boyfriend’s jeep to the Rubicon trail for the first time and it was so much fun! Stopped at a little lake and had lunch! And then had to strategically make it back down the mountain with the low fuel light on. Oops! 
8. Airshows

I love planes. The boyfriend is definitely obsessed with planes. So we try to go to the local air shows. It’s a fun and inexpensive way to spend a Saturday!

9. Concerts

You guys know I go to a lot of concerts. That’s just my thing. This summer we went to 4 and they were all super awesome.

10. Cooking new things

I don’t cook. I usually love off of sandwiches and breakfast food. But every once in a while I pretend to be slightly domesticated and attempt to cook something. I had a couple of good things this summer too!

Eggplant pizzas!

Homemade pizza!

Chicken wings!

11. Starting this blog

I started this blog the last week of June and I was nervous and unsure of it. I never imagined it would blossom into a hobby!! I went from having zero interests to full blown blogger! I love it!

12. County Fair

I’m sure most of you have seen my post about the County Fair, but I still have to mention it in my summer reflections! It has always been and will always be that end of summer tradition! Just part of growing up in a small town I guess!

13. Rib Fest

The Rib Fest has now become a tradition. Ribs by day, casinos and clubs by night! The ultimate weekend with friends!

Dang, here I was thinking I didn’t do much this summer, but I actually did a lot! Sad to see it come to an end, but this fall has plenty of adventures already planned!

14 thoughts on “How I’m Reflecting On the Last Day of Summer in 13 Ways

  1. Beautiful photos — what an amazing summer you had! What are you looking forward to most for fall? There’s a pumpkin patch & winery about an hour away that I can’t wait to visit once it gets a little colder. I may or may not have gotten my first PSL of the season this morning, too. 😉

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