How to Get to Know Me: My Strange Loves

This blog is pretty much a collection of all the things I like to think about and talk about. But never really much personal information, about me, as a blogger, and as a person. I have a lot of favorite things, many that not everyone knows about. Obviously, there’s the bigger things in life: travel, friends, family, food, drinks, vacation, but I thought it’d be fun to tell all of you about some of my true loves. The things that happen that really make me smile, and just make me say “Ahhhh.”

1. Clean sheets

2. Cutting into the perfect avocado

3. First to use a new port-a-potty

4. Pizza

5. Washing my hands

6. That “swole” feeling after weight lifting (Not that I’ve lifted a weight lately, but when I do)

7. Seeing a fully charged battery on my iPhone

8. Throwing away things

9. Really just decluttering in general

10. Cleaning my car – inside and out

Yes, some of these are pretty weird, but they just make me pretty happy. Hope you enjoyed this little tid bit about me 🙂

Happy Friday Y’all!!


11 thoughts on “How to Get to Know Me: My Strange Loves

  1. Ah! I also like seeing a fully charged battery! It’s half of the reason why I got a phone case that re-charges my phone. Also, how can you ever be sure you’re REALLY the first to use a port-a-potty?

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