How to Prep for Vacation in 7 Ways

Going on vacation is one of my top three favorite things in life. Discovering new places, revisiting old ones, taking pictures, collecting memories, not being at work (and now that I have my big girl job, I get paid vacation!) I just love vacation! But then again…who doesn’t? For me, that whole month leading up to my departure date is considered prep for the vacation! And I go all out. Like a little ridiculously all out. You’ll see why as we get more into it.

1. Prepping at work

Of course the first step in vacation is to ask for the time off. So I did, about 4 months ago, and now coincidentally it is going to be the busiest week of the year. But hell no, I’m going on vacation. I’m a little too financially committed to it anyway. And it looks like I’m pretty busy prepping right?

2. Shopping

So vacation to me means a ton of photos, which means I want to look good in all those photos, which means nothing in my closet is good enough, which means I need to go shopping to get an entirely new wardrobe. I went the other day to Forever 21 and got a ton of fabulous sweaters and fall clothes!! I also am getting my first Stitch Fix box today! I cannot wait to get back home from work and see what the stylist picked out!! (Don’t worry, blog post to follow)

3. Hair

Getting my hair done is another one of those things I love to do. This month I text my stylist and asked if we could bring back my ombré that I use to have a couple of years ago. He told me that he only had time for a cut. No big deal, it’s just not meant to be, saves me money. Then I showed up to my appointment and he says, “Guess what?!? My next appointment cancelled so we can do your ombré!” Fate.

4. Nails

No idea why, but when my nails are freshly painted and there’s no chips yet, it’s in that moment that I feel like my life is totally together. Not lying! And now that I’m into this blog so much, I’m probably going to be taking pictures of my hands holding things to show you guys! So I NEED my nails done. Luckily, one of my best friends has her own mini gel nail salon set up so I can head on over and have her do my nails! Fun girl time and free.99!!

5. Cleaning of the apartment

There is nothing worse than coming home to a sink full of dirty dishes, stinky garbage, and laundry all over the place. Cleaning my living space has been something that I always focus on. You guys know I like clean things. So my apartment has got to be clean before we leave! I always make sure to clean all the dishes and put them away, catch up on all the laundry, make the bed, clean the bathroom, take out the trash, and everything else I could possibly organize.

6. Get a suitcase

So get this, me and my traveling self, do not own a suitcase. I have just always borrowed my parents’ suitcase. Normally, that would be totally fine, except this time they’re going on their own vacation at the same time and my mom will definitely be using her suitcase. Now what am I going to use?! I guess I better head over to Ross and see what I can get!

7. Whitening those pearly whites

Lucky for me, I just had a trip to the dentist so my smile couldn’t be anymore dazzling than it is right now! Those pearly whites are going to be in every picture, so they might as well be looking their best!

And those are pretty much my biggest concerns before I go on vacation! What are you guys making sure to get done before a trip?


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