How to Girls Night in 3 Ways

So like I’ve mentioned before, I looooove that trashy reality TV. Especially shows like the Bachelor, Bachelorette, and Bachelor in Paradise. My girlfriends and I have been watching all year long as the different shows come on, so Tuesdays are our night! Recently, Bachelor in Paradise has ended and the Bachelor won’t be starting until January, but we are keeping the Tuesdays going! We’ve had a blog night, and a Harry Potter night. It’s such a fun and relaxing way to unwind and forget about how far away the weekend is. There’s pretty much 3 things that we are always thinking about to plan our next girls night in. And just as a disclaimer: this is a heavy photo post 🙂

1. Drinks

What should we drink tonight? I’m not going to lie. It’s usually the first question we’re asking each other. Sometimes we mix it up and never know what we’re having until the day of! We’ve definitely had quite the variety!

  • Moscow Mules
  • Champagne (And yes, we wear our Champagne Campaign shirts on this night)    
  • Wine
  • Beer
  • Butterbeer  
  •  Vodka Tonics   

2. Food

Well all those drinks would be a little traumatic without some food in my belly! So the food and the drinks kind of go hand in hand. And yes, I’m admitting it now, sometimes our meals are pretty fatty, but sometimes they’re super healthy! You guys know me, there’s no consistency in my life. Ha ha.

  • Burgers – with buns or without!   
  • Eggplant Pizzas 
  • Salads with Chicken 
  • Pizza (Homemade or Delivered!)   
  • Chili Cheese Dogs 

3. Activity

Ah yes, can’t forget the main focus of the night! Like I said, these nights originated with watching The Bachelorette – Kaitlyn’s Season! Then we followed those night with Bachelor in Paradise, which I just can’t get enough of! Sadly, we have to wait to watch Ben H. on The Bachelor until January! But you can bet your bottom dollar that’s where I’ll be every Tuesday night! (We have to wait until Tuesdays because I have Hulu, and have to wait the extra day for them to put it up) Until then, we’re keeping Tuesday as Ladies’ Night! We’ve been able to come up with a few other ideas for how to spend the night!

  • Retro TV Shows -The Hills (Does anyone remember this spin off of Laguna Beach?) 
  • Blogging Night – One of my best friends, Kaitlyn, has recently started up her blog again, so we spend the night with our laptops rattling off blog topics, reading others’ posts, giving advice, looking for advice, staging photos, writing, and even playing with the settings! 
  • Harry Potter Night – Another bestie, Tasja, is dorkily obsessed with Harry Potter. After bugging me for months I finally broke down and gave her the Harry Potter night she’d been wanting! This is when we made the butterbeer and popped in a Harry Potter movie! Of course, since we’re girls, we had a hard time not talking during the movie, and ended up just chatting the night away! 
  • And who knows what we will have in store for the weeks to come…I’m pretty sure a board game night might be in the near future though! 

Happy Ladies Night Ladies!

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