How to Pack for Vacation in 10 Ways: New York City

Like I mentioned last week, prepping for vacation is a huge process to me. Packing for vacation is a whole other beast. I plan on taking a full size suitcase, but I also told the boyfriend that he had to take the same size suitcase so that I can use half of it! It’s October, and it’s New York City. I need all of my options with me! What if I’m just not feeling one of the outfits I packed? Or one of the pairs of shoes I brought? I. Need. Options. #sorrynotsorry right?! Anyhow, I’ll be in the Big Apple for 10 days this fall and this is what is coming with me!

1. Sweaters

It’s sweater weather! So duh. I’ll be wearing some super comfy sweaters out and about during our day trips!

2. Boots

Flats, heels, ankle, calf, you name it! I have a huge collection of boots and I am trying so hard to narrow it down to three pairs.

3. Purses

I need my everyday big purse, then a smaller purse for the shorter, quicker, days, then a clutch for going out at night. I think I can do okay with three options here. Oh wait though, do I bring brown or black? Gold or Silver accents? This is rough.

4. Coats

I’ll need lighter coats and thicker coats. I’m bringing a light rain jacket, a light army green jacket, a blazer, and one of my snow jackets just in case. Oh and maybe a Peacoat. That might be helpful! Wait, will that all even fit in my suitcase?!

5. Scarves

Gotta be looking fashionable with this easy accessory!

6. Sunnies

Cannot forget the shades. I’m hoping it’ll be sunny when we get there! Don’t want to be squinting the whole 10 days we’re there.

7. Electronics

My ipad, keyboard, phone, chargers, JBL speaker and charger, and my selfie stick will all be in tow for this trip!

8. Comfy clothes

We won’t always be stomping around the city, there will be some down time in our apartment – I think? Maybe? Well IF there is I’m bringing my comfy clothes to lounge in before bed, and to wake up in!

9. Toiletries

Uh duh. Cannot go anywhere without these! Including the makeup bag! These are all just a given.

10. Hair tools

I’m talking about the blow dryer, the hair straightener, my curling wand. My hair kind of has a mind of it’s own, so it needs some kind of heat to tame it and make me look at least a little sane!

Here’s my actual packing list:

And I can guarantee you I’m forgetting something. 

Oh and help! What should my friends and I be for Halloween? Right now we’re thinking lions and the boyfriends can be safari hunters! 

25 thoughts on “How to Pack for Vacation in 10 Ways: New York City

  1. I hope you enjoy your time here in New York, I don’t know if you like burgers but if you do you should go to shake shack the two best ones are the ones in Madison square park and the upper east side soooo yummy!

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