How to Make Flying More Bearable in 10 Ways

Start spreading the news! I just landed in New York City this morning! The Big Apple, the City that Never Sleeps, the city that has stolen my heart a time or two. I’m so excited for the adventures that are about to unfold! I am going to try to post, but please be patient for my return if I’m unable to post! But first – I want to talk about one thing…flying.

Flying is just one of those things that you either hate it or you love it. Well, maybe that’s not entirely true. I thought I was pretty indifferent to it, but after that red eye I think I don’t like it. Although, I do love the takeoffs, those are my favorite part! Did I mention that my first plane flight EVER was by myself from California to Paris non-stop? Talk about a shocker! Don’t worry, since then I’ve flown a lot – New York City, Orlando, Maui, Portland, Texas, I’ve got a pretty good range I’m working on! The whole process is a little ridiculous though. I mean it literally takes an hour to get to the airport, to check in 1 to 2 hours early, to take off, land, collect luggage, find your ride, and then onward to the destination. It’s terrible when I have to set aside 5 hours of my day for a 1.5 hour flight, but here’s what I bring with me to try to minimize the pain of the experience!

1. Water bottle

You know your favorite refillable water bottle? Yeah, that one. I’d bring that one. But bring it with you empty and then fill it up with water once you get past the security check. Saves money on buying one for your flight, and then you don’t have to worry about flagging down the stewardess to get more water.

2. Neck pillow

Can’t fly without it! On my very first flight ever I didn’t have one, but then I bought one as soon as I landed for the next flight. Yeah, I feel like a nerd when I use it and carry it around…but then you know who is sleeping like a bear on the next flight? This girl!

3. Comfy but cute clothes

I’ve read tons of articles, blogs, pinterest pages about what to wear on a flight. Some people say go for comfy, some people say just because you’re flying does not excuse pajama day. I usually wear some yoga pants (to make my booty look good) and some cute slip on shoes (usually Vans or Toms) so I can fly through security. If it’s a short flight where I’m meeting up with friends and need to be ready to start hitting the town, I make sure I wear some jeans that hold their shape well, a nice casual top, and bring my makeup to touch up before we touch down.

4. iPad

Super nice way to watch movies on the flight! Not every plane I’ve been on has a TV and it’s a nice way to kill a couple hours of your flight. Plus – now I’ll have something to use without killing my phone battery to work on the blog! Winning.

5. Headphones

Tune out the world. Or just the guy next to you who is intensely snoring. I usually put in my headphones when I ‘m ready to start sleeping. Put the tunes on, then lay the head back on the neck pillow and bam. Nap time.

6. Socks

My feet always get so cold on planes! So if I wear sandals (like if I was on a flight to Hawaii) I always pack socks on my carry on. If my feet are cold, then I’m miserable for the whole flight.

7. Bring a big purse

I hate having to pull out all my flying needs out of my carry on bag before I put it in the overhead storage bin. So I always bring a purse that has plenty of room for my water bottle, iPad, socks, whatever else I think I’ll need. Then I can keep that at my feet and out my carry on up above and not worry about it until landing!

8. Cram it all in the carry-on

So this one is totally dependent on where I’m flying to. But if it’s on the same half of the U.S. as me, then I’m definitely cramming everything in my little carry-on suitcase. I hate waiting to pick up my luggage. When I get off that plane I want to run straight out of there – to my new adventure, or straight home! Not checking bags saves so much time. Unfortunately, I’m terrible at packing, in the sense that I always pack WAY too much, so for this New York trip, I had to bring the big suitcase and use half of the boyfriend’s!

9. Small snacks

I ALWAYS get hungry on my flights. Probably because I get bored, and I have a hard time differentiating boredom with hunger. Anyway, my favorite part of the flight is when they come down the aisle and hand me some pretzels. And then I pray that the boyfriend doesn’t want his so I can have more! And besides, who doesn’t love free food?! Or is it actually the most expensive food you’ve ever had? Hmm….anyway, yeah I bring snacks with me so I don’t have to wait on the stewardess or try to drag that bag of pretzels out to more than it is.

10. A coat or jacket

This is for winter flying only pretty much. My coats or jackets are pretty big pieces of my wardrobe and they take up a ton of room in the suitcase! So I always carry one onto the plane, kind of like, “I was wearing this when I got here, but now because of the hustle and bustle of flying, I’m carrying it.” Leaves more room in the suitcase for the rest of my overpacking! But the trick here – don’t forget it when you get off the plane. Or anywhere, for that matter.

What do you guys do to make the flying experience more pleasant?

Happy flying y’all!

20 thoughts on “How to Make Flying More Bearable in 10 Ways

  1. Great selection. It’s all about preparation when it comes to an enjoyable flight. Talking about headphones, I’d recommend noise-cancelling ones. They make flying even more amazing πŸ™‚

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