Falling Into Autumn

This is very exciting for me because it is the first time doing one of these tag things!! The amazing Denise nominated me to join her in talking about what I love about fall! I will admit, I’m a summer girl through and through, although, I hate wearing swimsuits, showing my arms off, sweating, having to shave my legs every time, oh wait, did I just become a fall girl?! Well there’s highs and lows to everything!

Anyway, there are just a few rules for this tag:

  • Include the blog links of the tag creators (Lilian and Denise).
  • Thank the last person who tagged you and link their blogs in your post.
  • Be thoughtful and creative when you answer these questions.
  • After answering the questions, pass the tag onto at least five more bloggers to spread the autumn joy!

The questions:

1. What is your go-to fall color?

A pretty burnt orange or wine. When it comes to nails I like a deep red. When it comes to clothing, I tend to gravitate toward the burgundys and grays.

2. When you think of fall, what song comes to mind?

Hmmm this is a toughy…I guess I’d go with that one song, “There She Goes” and I couldn’t tell you who sings it, but it’s in the Parent Trap. I think.

3. During the fall, which trend to do you lean towards more, smoky eye or dark lip?

So, fun fact about me. I am terrible with makeup. Give me then plain and simple look for everyday and I can nail it. Anything past that though, like eyeliner, shadow, lip, I’m challenged. Big time. But if I had to pick, I’d go for the smoky eye. I’m not brave enough for that bold lip!

4. Do you change up your skincare routine when fall comes in?

I don’t really do anything different. Still wash and moisturize and that’s about it!

5. What’s your favourite thing about fall?

My favorite thing about fall…the clothes!! Sweaters, dark jeans, boots, scarves, all of it. I also LOVE the leaves changing colors and kicking through all of the fallen leaves.

6. Would you rather go out for a walk or stay inside the house during fall?

I always love to get out of my apartment so I’d love to take a walk outside! But y’all know how my laziness is and sometimes getting outside is just not going to happen.

Here are the peeps I’m nominating for this tag!

Me, Myself, and Everything Else

Robyn Christi

The Richmond Avenue

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24 thoughts on “Falling Into Autumn

  1. make up fails=true, laziness=so so true, red nails=true, how to get things done in 10 ways blog=true (and hilarious) thanks for being a blog-spiration!

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  2. I love the tag as well as your answers. My fall faves are in this post, almost like an ode to summer lost and fall gained πŸ˜€http://runwright.net/2015/09/24/transitioning-from-summer-to-fall/
    I am following you now. Hope you’ll follow me too.

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  3. HI Allison,
    Thank you for visiting my site this evening. I am glad you liked my post 71 Awesome Tips From Bloggers…
    In response to your post. I have brown hair, so I prefer earth tones. By the way, fall is definitely my favorite season, so you and I have that in common. I may have even blogged about it last year.
    I just saw the notice while I was writing you here– Thank You for following my blog! How exciting. I look forward to getting to know you.
    By the way, I know Tony Burgess.

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  4. Hi Allison! Janice is my BBFF (Best Blogging Friend Forever). So coll to run into her here!
    Thanks for the follow!
    Such a fun post to land on first! I’m terrible with makeup too! I havent worn ANY for several years. This old barn is just weathering away, naturally! No paint here! lol

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