How to Get Some Style: Stitch Fix Way

I’ve had a lot of friends posting on Facebook and Instagram about how they tried out Stitch Fix and loved it. I’ve always been a little curious to see how it would work out so I finally caved and tried it.

Does everyone know what Stitch Fix is? Just to be on the safe side…let me recap that. Stitch Fix is an online personal shopper. You spend $20 on the styling fee and then answer a ton of questions and a stylist will pick out 5 items and ship them to you. Once you receive your box, you go through everything and you can send everything back if you don’t like it, keep a couple things, or keep the whole box (which gives you a 25% off discount). The $20 styling fee goes toward your final purchase.

So I tried it and it was actually one of the most exciting experiences ever. (I know what you’re thinking – she doesn’t get out much. But I just get excited REALLY easily).

There was actually a lot of things to go through in the box.

1. Personal note from my stylist

When I read reviews on Stitch Fix online, one of the complaints that there was nothing in the box to personalize the experience or connect you to your stylist. I totally got a note and she was so sweet to talk about how she picked out things that would be good for my vacation, but also keep me warm as the weather began to cool in my hometown.Letter Stitch Fix

2. Ideas for styling

There were little styling cards in the box to show me how to style the pieces she had picked out for me, which was kind of awesome, considering how I never know what looks good with what. I’m styling challenged.

3. List of pricing

So all of the items in your box have tags on them, but no prices. So you have to look at the pricing sheet. I decided to try on my clothes first and then look at the prices…bad idea. Everything is a little bit more expensive – not outrageously though, but I’m a cheap ass so everything sounded expensive!

4. The clothes

She picked out for me a jean jacket, a nice pair of skinny jeans, a cozy infinity scarf, a nice dress for work or date night, and a oh-so-soft-and-comfy sweater. I was ecstatic, and she nailed my style completely! The dress is definitely something I wouldn’t have picked out for myself, but that’s because I don’t wear dresses. But damn! It looks good on me.

5. Bag for returns

In the box was also a prepaid bag for anything I would want to return. It also had the return label already printed and attached. There as directions in there as well to help you figure out how to provide feedback and checkout online with whatever you wanted to keep.

I am still so unbelievably impressed! Unfortunately, since I am a struggling adult, I couldn’t keep everything. But I kept the jeans and the dress because they were so comfy and cute. I wore the dress to work the otehr day and got a ton of compliments too!

If you are challenged like me with styling yourself, or are just looking to try something new, but don’t know how, I would definitely try this out! And if you try it and don’t like anything, then it’s only $20 that you’ve missed out on. Or you could keep 1 thing from your box and then get $20 off that one item. I feel like it’s worth it either way! And plus, you guys know how lazy I am, so if someone else is picking out the clothes AND sending to my house – you know I’m going to be all over that!

15 thoughts on “How to Get Some Style: Stitch Fix Way

  1. Great post! A ton of my co-workers use Stich Fix and I always am loving the items they get! I am really surprised how well everything seems to fit, and how spot on the stylists are with each persons style. I have been tempted, but also am a cheap ass (lol) and I have heard it’s not the cheapest… how fun though to get a box of surprises like that!


  2. I just have to say that I am absolutely in love with your blog! All your posts are so interesting and fun and I look forward to reading them. I’ve never heard of Stitch Fix but it sounds awesome and I’m excited to test it out when I get home! Can’t wait for your next post
    Xx Hayley

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  3. This is so cool, why have I never heard of it?? Seriously debating signing up over here haha – on one hand it sounds really easy/fun, but on the other I could totally just see myself having the worst time giving stuff up.

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  4. I love Stich Fix! I used to get a box delivered once every other month since their clothing is a little pricey! I switched it so I schedule a fix when I want it now since I am trying to save money, but lately I’ve been really wanting to schedule another fix. Seeing this post is making me consider scheduling a new one sometime soon!

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  5. the dress looks lovely on you, glad you kept it. Luckily in London you don’t have to spend much or go far because there are amazing charity and vintage shops all over the place which means you can be experimental without remortgaging your home 😉

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