How to Eat and Drink Your Way Through NYC in 11 Ways

My biggest vacation rule: no chain restaurants. Unless they’re specific to a region that I don’t live in, but if I can walk into that same restaurant with the same menu all across the country, then we ain’t going there.

I’m sure by now you may have noticed that I like food. And I like drinks. Sorry, scratch that. I LOVE it all. L O V E. When I’m traveling around, a huge part for me is getting to eat at awesome little hole in the walls, try out a new kind of cuisine, and let my taste buds enjoy the vacation too.

So as I ate and drank my way through NYC for a week here’s some of the places we popped in at. And sorry, there was so many good places I went over my limit to 11! 🙂

1. Esperanto – East Village. Awesome little Brazilian place. I got the Ovos Rancheros, which had a fried egg on a tostada shell. Amazeballs. And we sat right out on the sidewalk.

Brunch, East Village
2. The Barrel – East Village. Time to brunch it up. Get this – $13.50 for one breakfast entree and a complimentary drink. Alcoholic or not. Best deal for brunch we stumbled upon! All on a walk to the subway.

Brunch, Mimosa, Bloody Mary  Brunch, Breakfast, NYC
3. McConnollys – Times Square. Irish Pub and Restaurant. Pure awesome. Outside: the neon lights make it feel like sports bar/dive bar. Inside: a gorgeous wooded Irish pub and really one of the cutest places ever. When management has an Irish accent, you know you’re in good hands.

4. S’Mac – East Village. Craving some nice cheesy homey meal? This place is all about the macaroni and cheese. And there is so much variety! I wanted one of each! And there’s 3 different serving sizes too. Almost like Goldilocks. This ones too small, this ones two big, and this one’s just right! 
5. McGees –  Midtown.  Okay, yes, it’s another Irish pub. But we saw the sign as we were walking down the street and thought, hey let’s give that a shot. Little did we know that it is THE bar that was the inspiration for the TV show How I Met Your Mother! (Which we are all obsessed with, so we HAD to go in).

6. New York City Beer Company –  Hell’s Kitchen.   So many options! It was so awesome. Also, the best chili cheese fries I’ve found in the city I’m pretty sure. And that burger! Holy cow. (Haha get it?) It was amazing and so much flavor to process!

New York City Beer Company

7. McSorely’s –  East Village. Okay I promise this is the last Irish Pub. But this pub is the oldest Irish Pub in  Manhattan! They have a dark ale and a light ale. Super simple menu but so cool! These cheeses slices and onion is weirdly delicious! Service is great and there’s sawdust all over the floor.  

8. Juliana’s – Brooklyn. This place has amazing pizza! Right next to Grimaldi’s in Brooklyn, under the bridge. Julianna’s is actually owned by Mr. Grimaldi, but he sold his name to the people that bought his original restaurant. He decided to get back into it, and moved in next door. Super long wait for both. I’d recommend calling in your order and go eat it by the river!

9. GROM – Several locations. When I was in Italy, Grom was there, and we would go there for some awesome gelato. My friend told me that there was a Grom in NYC so I had to go! Delicious gelato, and cute little tables to sit at on the sidewalk. Satisfying that sweet tooth!


10. Papaya Dog – Several locations. What’s a trip to NYC without stopping by a Papaya Dog? It’s a NYC trip tradition for me. I don’t know how y’all feel, but it’s a damn good hot dog, for super cheap, and it’s refreshing to wash it down with a cup of papaya juice. Yum!

11. Peanut Butter & Co. – Greenwich Village. This is a little order at the counter place, but they have so many crazy sandwiches with peanut butter on it! Like peanut butter and bacon! It was breakfast time when we went, so I got a bagel with jam, peanut butter, and vanilla cream cheese. Amazing. And there’s so many flavors of jam and peanut butter!!

Here’s some more of this deliciousness of a trip:

I’d love to hear about your favorites in NYC! I’ll make notes for my next trip! 😉


19 thoughts on “How to Eat and Drink Your Way Through NYC in 11 Ways

  1. YUM! This is also one of my favorite things to do on vacation. We went to Chicago this past summer, and spent 75% of our time bar hopping and trying out different restaurants! Irish pubs are my favorite- everything looks delicious!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ok, I feel dumb for asking, but why did the one pub have sawdust on the floor? Kinda cool, but it puzzled me. Yummy eats, though! I was definitely drooling over that burger…that looked so good!

    Liked by 1 person

    • You know what, I don’t know why there was sawdust on the floor. Lol. Maybe it was to emphasize how old it was? I’m really not sure lol. And yes that burger was crazy good!!


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