How to Thanksgiving Pregame in 5 Ways

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Mostly because it’s the only holiday completely centered around a single meal, although in my family, we make it an entire day of eating. It’s more like a challenge. Like an all day eating extravaganza challenge. It’s the best. My parents put football on (which I ignore year after year) and I kick back and try to see how many appetizers I can get in before I start feeling absolutely uncomfortable. It’s the greatest tradition around. I love every minute of that uncomfortability too.

1. Friendsgiving

This year we did our first Friendsgiving with a group of our friends. It was awesome and the most adult dinner the 8 of us have ever had together. We assigned food to everyone to bring and Tasja brought the turkey! Thank god at least one of us can cook! And Kaitlyn let us come over and destroy her kitchen! Such a fun night and really got us in the Thanksgiving spirit!

2. Appetizers are a must

My favorite ones are spinach dip, fudge, onion dip, deviled eggs. I need to have all of the above year after year, or it’s just not right. Although, I also haven’t ever had Thanksgiving anywhere other than my parents’ house, so I haven’t had to have a Thanksgiving without them!

3. Get them seasonal cocktails out

I love channeling my inner bartender and creating yummy drinks for the fam. Last year it was the seasonal Jack Daniel’s cider whiskey with apple juice and champagne. Freaking delicious. This year might see some peach moons…Blue Moon, peach schnapps, orange juice, and a splash of cranberry juice!

4. Photo shoot

Don’t ask why or how, but every Thanksgiving day results in a family photo shoot. The cousins always get together for a cousins picture and then sometimes there’s props and then sometimes there’s everyone posing in leather jackets next to my dad’s old motorcycle.

Behind the scenes: We got out the fan and everything!

5. Lots of Laughs

Dinner involves breaking out the sparkling cider. And then the laughing always starts. I never know how it starts but it always puts me on the verge of peeing myself. Then, after we all are all stuffed, we play with our wine glasses to see who can make the best noise by rubbing the rim of the glass. Lastly, ends with my annual unbuttoning of the pants ceremony.

You gotta love being around family! Hope all of you have an amazing week full of friends, family, love, food, and turkey 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving!


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