How to Know You’re Getting Old in 8 Ways

Old - Jamie L Curtis

Obviously, I know, that at age 25 I am not old. I have a lot of life left and to fret about being old this early in the game is stupid. But sometimes I just look at things and think, “Oh God, am I getting old? I would never do that.” I can just feel the aging in moments like that. Oh maybe that’s what they call maturing?! Maybe I am finally maturing! Wow, now I feel so fancy after that realization. Okay, so for the purpose of this post we’re going to stick with the idea that I’m getting old…

1. Talking in the movie theater

The boyfriend and I went to see a movie a little bit ago, and the theater was pretty empty except for this group of teens and a few couples sprinkled throughout. Those kids had something to say at EVERY damn scene! I mean, when I was a kid, yeah, I liked to talk to my friends during the movie, but my friends, not the entire theater. I was getting ready to stand up and tell them to shut up, but luckily another woman beat me to it. I really didn’t want to be that grumpy lady yelling, “Get off my lawn!” and shaking my fist in the air. But seriously, I did not spend $11 on a movie ticket to listen to your commentary the whole damn time. Which brings me to my next point.

2. The price of a movie ticket

I’m sorry but 11 DOLLARS for a movie ticket?? When the hell did that happen? With that price you’d think they’d throw in a small bag of popcorn at least! I am so bitter. I just want to have a nice night out of the house, but now I know, I’m better off hitting up the bars.

3. Seeing kids hanging out places

The other day I was in Wal-Mart, and I hate admitting that. I know it’s great and all and super cheap, I just can’t bring myself to willingly shop there on a regular basis. Call me a prude, whatever. Anyway, I was there and saw this couple that couldn’t have been more than 16 yrs old, just hanging out in Wal-Mart, and I hear the girl say to the boy…”Should I go check out the lingerie section?” And then starts giggling. What the HELL. EW. No do not go check out the lingerie section. What are you THINKING?!

Old - Schmidt

4. Seeing young actresses in movies in sex scenes

Okay yes, I’m 25, sex is apart of my life and everywhere around me. You know how actresses always play characters like 7 to 8 years younger than their actual age? Well I was watching The Longest Ride a bit ago and that girl looked so young! Like way too young to be in love and all that stuff! I mean, I know she is old enough because she’s probably my age, but she just looked soooooo young! It was like watching my little sister make out and take her clothes off in front of a cowboy. Awk. Ward.

5. Scrolling through Facebook

Probably one of the biggest tell-tale signs that you’re getting old. Every morning I wake up and scroll through Facebook to catch up on life. But it just hit me the other day…there are more pictures of babies, engagements, and wedding parties than anything! When did this happen? Before it was just pictures of friends hanging out with friends, and now I get all of these pregnancy announcements, the “We bought a house!” picture, and babies. Everywhere. I guess I am getting to that age after all….?

Old - Joey

6. Flying aches and pains

A few years ago I would fly back and forth to New York, red eye, and have a ball. (Of course I say back and forth like I was a pro, it was two times). But after this last flight to New York, we did the red eye, and of course my first thoughts at the end of the flight were not how tired I was, but how much every bone in my body ached. I was so sore and uncomfortable and I’ve never experienced this before! What the hell. I guess I’m too old to fly the red eye now…

7. Friday nights are not as happening

It’s Friday night and what exciting plans do the boyfriend and I have? Laundry, cooking dinner, blogging, and video gaming. Wow. Nice. When did it get like this? When did this become totally okay and acceptable? It happens so fast, it’s pretty much hard to see it coming! Oh my god, I’m a homebody now. Oh dear. Oops.

8. Saturday nights aren’t either

The boyfriend and I spent a Saturday shooting, playing around with some compound bows, and day drinking. Then 8:00 pm rolls around and we were all exhausted so we went to bed. That’s right. 8:00 pm on a Saturday. I’m not even ashamed a little bit. When you’re tired, you’re tired!!

What ages you?!

Happy aging and realizing it! 🙂

36 thoughts on “How to Know You’re Getting Old in 8 Ways

  1. Haha, great post!!! I know exactly what you man about Friday and Saturday nights. I used to love finishing work Friday afternoon and going straight to the pub to get legless! Now just meeting a friend for dinner seems exhausting, all I want to do is get home, lay on the sofa and watch Gogglebox!!

    I’m turning 30 in three weeks time and I’m having the same kinds of thoughts.

    And I walked around my flat for about 10 minutes the other night looking for my PJ bottoms……………….then realised I was wearing them.

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  2. What ages me? Ahh, so many things but I’m going to pick on the hubby: One evening during a shameful hour or so of trash telly, we were watching some God awful bar saving show in which the staff (all women) were wearing little bikinis and hot pants. Instead of hubby (36) making some crude comment that I was expecting him to he said “I hope they have heating in that place, those girls must be freezing” I literally didn’t know what to say, all I could do was stare at him with raised eyebrows, he caught my look and then said “Oh God I’m so old”

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    • Oh do not even worry!! 23 is really when you start feeling it! Haha. I still shop at Forever 21 and sometimes I feel like I could just bull doze the teenagers out of the way lol.


  3. Thanks for the laugh. I’m twice your age and I can so relate to all of this. Another sign that you’re getting old is when you can’t remember where you put things, like your sunglasses, which are sitting on the top of your head! 🙂

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  5. I know this is an old post but I’m just seeing this now! haha I’m 28 and it’s so relatable, like I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve had these thoughts! I don’t wanna let go of my early 20’s. Well… actually I kinda do lol

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