How to Pick Out the Perfect Christmas Tree in 8 Ways

Last year was my first Christmas in my apartment so the boyfriend and some of my friends went with me to pick out a tree for my place. It was so much fun and I hadn’t gone to pick out a tree like that since I was a little kid. Although I had no idea how hard it was to actually cut the tree down. It’s rough! I had the boyfriend take a few pictures of me attempting to cut it down, but then I had to have him take over, because there was just no way it was going to happen for me. Then I had to ask him to carry it back to the truck because I didn’t last very long as well. What an exhausting feat! But it was much more fun than going to the grocery store or wherever to pick one out of the parking lot.

This past weekend we ventured out to the mountains to a tree farm that took you up the hillside to the trees in old Jeep Willys! It was so much fun. We scavenged for about 2 hours before we found the most beautiful tree of all!

I’ve got a few tips for the prepping for your tree adventure, as well for your actual tree selection process. Hope these help 🙂

For your tree hunting adventure:

1. Wardrobe

IMG_8754  IMG_8745   IMG_8735

It’s probably cold, so bring layers. You’ll be cold as you’re walking around, but then once you start chopping your tree down, you’ll be dumping sweat quick enough. Also, some of the trees can be pretty sappy, so bring your tissues! Ha ha. Okay, lame tree joke, I know. But bring a jacket that is not your favorite top of the line, because while you’re trying to chop it down, you’re going to have to get real cozy with those branches.

2. Footwear


Chances are it’s going to be a little muddy. Although, California has been in a drought forever, but somehow it’s still muddy. Oh wait, blonde moment – they do have to water the trees. Anyway, make sure you wear some good walking footwear, that is okay to get a little dirty. Not that you’ll be rolling in the mud, but just in case. There could be a lot of hills, so your cute heel booties are probably not going to be your best bet.

3. Transportation


I’ve got a little Honda, and it never occurred to me how I was going to get the tree home…luckily, my friends had a truck so I could just throw it in there. If you don’t have a truck I’d suggest bringing some tie downs to secure the tree to your car in case the place doesn’t have extra string or rope for you.

4. Location


It’s a good idea to really do your research for the perfect Christmas tree farm. When I was a kid we would go to a place that had a hay ride up the hill, then they drop your off with your saw and you walk back down as you look for your tree. Then you get to sip on hot cider or hot chocolate while they prep your tree for travel. Last year, I couldn’t find that place, so we went to a tree farm and just cut the tree down and left. That’s about it. Not as exciting as I remembered it! This year, I was able to track down that tree farm (obviously a little different than I remembered) and it was so much fun!

5. Payment

Bring cash! A lot of places might be too small or privately owned to accept cards, so it’s a good idea to bring cash with you to pay for your tree. Nothing more awkward than going through all that work to chop it down, and then, oops. I can’t pay for this I guess…

For your tree selection process:

6. Height

You’ll want to pay attention to how tall your tree is. Some places also request that you keep your tree above a certain height so that the smaller trees can keep growing. But seriously, think about where you want to put it in the house. Will this tree fit? Is it too tall? Or will it look like a midget dwarf tree with your vaulted ceilings? See…now the wheels are turning!


7. Girth

How wide do you want your tree to be? Where are you putting it? Will you still be able to walk by it without being attacked by it everyday? Do you want it to be more full? There is a lot to take in when you’re looking at the overall size of how far those branches are reaching out.


8. Branch quality & quantity

How do those branches look? Are they at least all alive still? Or is the tree starting to die off? You want to take a look to see how many “holes” there are in the branches. Is it something that will work well with your oversized Minnie Mouse ornament? Or does it have too many gaps. You don’t want the branches to look scarce or like your tree is sick!


Oh, and don’t forget to water your tree! It never even occurred to me that it needed to be watered (again, my struggles of adulting and caring for living things). Poor thing started drying up like crazy! It definitely needs a lot of water in the beginning!

Happy tree hunting!

Oh! And here she stands!


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