How to Be a Crafty Gal in 5 Ways

To me, crafts take up a lot of time and involve a lot of patience. I don’t usually like using either of those things. But every once in awhile the craft bug bites me hard and all I want to do is recreate things from my Pinterest boards. I’ve had some successes that I’m pretty damn proud of! Here’s what happens when the craft bug settles in:

1. Memory boxes

I saw these on Pinterest and knew I immediately needed to have them. They’re perfect for all of my travels and keeping all of those small keepsakes like ticket stubs, maps, the business card from your favorite restaurant; all those tiny things that don’t have a place on the shelf. I absolutely love them and am still planning on making more!

2. Wall art

I randomly buy blank canvases at craft stores when they go on sale. I mean, sometimes I get 4 of the 16×20 size for like $10.00! I can’t say no to a deal! So when I finally get around to that crafty feeling again, I’m ready! I try to do simple paintings mostly because that’s all I feel comfortable with, but it’s fun to experiment with paints!

3. Coasters

I bought a ton of scrabble tiles off Amazon and made my own coasters! It was super fun being able to come up with words to fit on each one! So awesome because they also served as great, personable, Christmas gifts this year too! Can’t beat it!

4. Picture frames

Sometimes I have so many pictures that I want to hang on the wall, but sometimes putting 5 frames on the wall isn’t as feasible. So I buy shadow box frames and use my extra scrapbooking materials to create a little collage. Such a fun and unique way to display my memories! Or I put stuff in the them, like ticket subs or bottle caps! I think it might be time to come up with something else to display those though…

5. Furniture

When I was getting ready to move out of the parentals’ and into my own apartment, I was trying to be trendy and crafty and unique about my furniture. So I decided to make a coffee table and nightstand that I saw on Pinterest out of wooden crates! I absolutely love it, although the coffee table is a little short, and in reality, it probably cost about the same, if not more, than buying a coffee table. But anyway, I set aside a Saturday and painted a bunch of wooden crates!


Okay, okay, so it’s nothing too advanced, and nothing too crafty…just my style! And plus, this is pretty much crafting for the lazy! I really only get around to it when the mood hits. And when it does….watch out!

What kinds of lazy/easy/fun crafts do you get wrapped up in?

Happy crafting!

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