How to Dress for Your Snow Adventure in 6 Ways

With this lovely California drought, it’s been awhile since we’ve gotten any noteworthy amount of snow. This fall started off pretty good looking though! I got to head up to Tahoe and play in the snow and it was so much fun! It’s been awhile since I even had a need for snow boots or warm clothes! So a slight amateur fashionista post if you will…

1. Boots

I got these boots last year for Christmas, but this year they were much happier to actually see some snow. They’re furry, cute, and so comfortable!

2. Socks

I have a weird obsession with thick and fluffy socks in the winter. My favorite ones, especially for the outdoor adventures, are my Cabela’s socks. Perfect thickness and warmth!

3. Scarves

Because fun. And because warmth! Keeping my neck/chest warm will keep my whole body warm I feel like!

4. Headwear


Another weird obsession of mine. Hats and ear warmers. I buy them religiously every year!

5. Jacket

Nothing better than having a comfy, cozy, waterproof jacket to play in the snow with! This Oakley jacket is so warm and has plenty of vents and pockets too!

This Carhartt jacket is another super amazingly warm jacket! Apparently I have a thing for burgundy…

6. Layers

Always a good idea! Yes, where there’s snow, it’s cold. But if you’re being pretty active then you’ll warm up quick, and you’ll want to have some layers to shed!

I just can’t get enough of a winter wonderland.  


12 thoughts on “How to Dress for Your Snow Adventure in 6 Ways

  1. I’m in CA right now! I have been here multiple times in the summer, but never in the winter. I am amazed by how blue the sky is! Which sounds dumb, but in Seattle (when it’s not cloudy), it is a washed out, watery blue in the winter time. Here, I keep forgetting it’s winter until I step outside!

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