How to Road Trip in 10 Ways

Every so often the boyfriend and I get to jump in the car and drive. Sometimes I get weirdly excited about long road trips. The hour long ones are disappointing because I don’t really get to fully submerge myself in that road trip bubble. My life long bestie moved away to Idaho, so in order to get my fix, we drove out there one Friday afternoon. I was so excited because we were surprising her and she had no idea we were coming! I made sure I loaded up on everything that makes the road trips exciting!

1. Snacks

Cheez-its, Cheetos, Sour Patch Kids, and Red Bull. So so bad for me, but so so good. And it’s not like I indulge in these kinds of snacks every day! Just this once. On my oh-so-exciting-road-trip across the desert!

2. Starbucks

(Noticing a trend on this one?) It’s the best way to celebrate the road trip! Am I right, or am I right? Gimme that frappuccino! Idaho here we come! Not that that caffeine is going to last across several states though…

3. Tunes


 I always make a playlist within the first hour so we can just listen to endless minutes turned hours of good music. If I don’t get around to making a playlist, I love using the ITunes Radio – the Pure Pop station! It definitely helps me try to keep the tempo up because I always fall asleep in the car. I’m like a baby. Oops.

4. Or a podcast

If the boyfriend falls asleep when it’s my turn to drive and his turn to copilot then you can bet that I’m busting out the Lady Lovin’ podcast! I love it and it is just too damn funny. The boyfriend is not so keen on it, so I listen to it while he sleeps!

5. Aux cord to blast the tunes

Got to have a way to broadcast the tunes throughout the car. And that’s when I break out all of my wildly amazing dance moves and impress the boyfriend. This girl can get downnnn. Just kidding. It’s pretty much all bad and all no rhythm.

6. Phone charger

A necessity to charge your phone while it runs the GPS in the background so you don’t get too lost, and plays your tunes to keep you entertained and awake! Nothing hurts more than a dead phone battery.

7. Magazines

I like to buy the trashy gossip magazines or Cosmopolitan (my fave) and read them out loud to the boyfriend as he drives and pretend like we’re friends with the people in the magazine. “Oh my gosh, can you believe this, boyfriend? Kaley is getting a divorce and her husband is totally trying to take all of her money. Totally not cool. She earned every penny!” Like he cares. Ha!

8. Sunnies

It gets bright on the road and you need to protect your eyes! Plus, all that squinting will one day lead to crows feet, and we don’t want to progress the inevitable, do we? And plus, I like to play all of the songs that talk about riding around with your shades on. Like I’m cool.

9. GPS/Maps App

You’re going to want to know where you’re going. Nothing worse than being lost, and if we now have the technology to help us find our way anywhere, then we best be using it! We just type in the address and away Google Maps leads us!

10. Co-pilot

My biggest component in my road tripping adventures. Without a copilot, it’s almost a guarantee that I’ll fall asleep, which would be EXTREMELY awful. So I always make sure I take someone with me. And plus, then that minimizes the amount of self-talk I’ll probably resort to. The boyfriend has proved to be an excellent recruit 🙂

Happy road tripping!

15 thoughts on “How to Road Trip in 10 Ways

  1. I love that you read gossip magazines to your boyfriend hahaha. I can just imagine how confused mine would be if I did that, lots of “Who?” and “Why do we care?” questions would be thrown around.

    Also cheetos. They are literally god’s perfect junk food.

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  2. Finally, somebody who comprehends the sublime pleasure of the road trip. It’s a great first date, road tripping to a cafe or hiking spot. You learn a hell of a lot from someone’s driving style and what they notice along the way.

    Thinking games are a fun use of time during monotonous stretches. The Cube and the 10 questions James Lipton asks everybody on Inside the Actor’s Studio are my favorites.

    The 10 Questions (I filled in my own answers to demonstrate)

    1. What is your favorite word?


    2. What is your least favorite word?


    3. What turns you on?

    “Clever, perfectly timed, cerebral humor.”

    4. What turns you off?


    5. What sound do you love?

    “Distant rolling thunder.”

    6. What sound do you hate?

    “It’s a three-way tie for gun shots, barking dogs, and shrieking children.”

    7. What is your favorite curse word?


    8. What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?

    “There IS no profession more fun than mine.”

    9. What profession would you not like to do?

    “Pretty much anything else.”

    10. If heaven/the afterlife exists, what would you like to hear God/everyone say when you arrive at the pearly gates/there?

    “Took you long enough.”

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  3. All great things to have out on the open road. Do always have to have that coffee in hand. Love stopping for that random fuel (cup of coffee) when on a road trip!

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