How I Feel Awkward in 4 Ways

Coming back from the holidays is always rough, but let’s get back to it!

So as you all may or may not know, one of my specialties is being awkward. I’m great at it. So great, in fact, that I often dismiss it as one of my few talents. Normally I’m just awkward as in talking, dancing, interacting with other people. But there are a few things that people do that make me feel so incredibly awkward. I guess it’s the difference between me actually being awkward, and then me actually feeling awkward.

1. When a coworker cries (even though I do it all the time)

What do I do? Do I acknowledge it or do I ignore it? (I know I’d want anyone to ignore it if they saw me crying) Do they want me to acknowledge it? Or ignore it? Ahhhh, I don’t know what to do! But it’s such a confusing moment in the office. Especially if one is just sitting in their cubicle silently sobbing to themselves. I mean, what do I doooo? I guess I’ll just go back to work…?

2. When someone pulls out a guitar in a group setting

So picture this: You and all your friends are hanging out at someone’s house. A few people are in the kitchen getting snacks together, everyone else is scattered across the living room being social, and somebody pulls out a guitar and just starts smiling and playing away. I get so awkward when this happens. I just get that “should we all sit in a circle and kumbaya it” feeling.

3. When someone starts singing, like really actually singing.

I’ve mentioned this before, but at my work this one woman just starts singing. Like opera style. What do you do? Do I look away? I usually just power walk as quickly as possible in the opposite direction. And it’s always the best when she turns around and says, “I didn’t hear you come into the room because I was singing.” And then laughs. Ha…Ha…Yeah…

4. When you’re at the grocery store and they ask if you want to donate to a cause.

But they phrase it like this: “Is today a good day to donate $10 to provide our local families and children with 25 bags of groceries?” Ummm…what do I say? “No, today is not a good day to feed the hungry.” I always feel so awkward! And then I wonder, does the person behind me think I’m an asshole because I didn’t want to help the homeless eat? Ummm…”How about another day?” And smile. Awkwardly. And hope lightning does not strike me.

Aca Awkward

I’m sure I will be adding to this as I remember more special awkward moments down the line!

Happy Monday!


22 thoughts on “How I Feel Awkward in 4 Ways

  1. Number one, I can relate, hard. I am used to calling myself an awkward ball. To quote my post from last June:

    “I suck at small talks. I could not wait for the elevator to reach the desired floor, or for me to finish off my errands at the ladies room, if it would only mean that the awkward conversation will be freaking over.

    Even on same-time conversations. I have this weird feeling that the person i am feel-good-talking to, just don’t want the conversation to last any long, so even before our talk makes sense, i am already plotting different ways of saying saying “gotta go”.

    Lol. Behold the theory of awkwardness.”

    Cheers to us, still. haha!

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  2. The guitar in a group setting comment is everything. It’s truly like a scene from Anchorman when Ron Burgundy pulls out his jazz flute – “I really wasn’t prepared for this.” Loved the post.

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  3. This was hilarious! I especially liked the one regarding the donations. The cashiers always phrase it to make you seem like a horrible person if you don’t donate. I usually say something like “I donated yesterday” really loud so the person behind me can hear!! LOL!

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