How to Ring in the New Year in 3 Ways

Hello 2016! It is now time to get back to reality. The holidays are officially over until Memorial Day. Just kidding. Of course I’ll be observing all of the in between holidays! Let me tell you though…celebrations after celebrations is…exhausting. Totally and completely. I now need some time off just to recover! This past weekend, for New Years, we spent an awesome three days in my favorite place, Lake Tahoe. Good friends, good food, good laughs, good adventure, good booze. Such a relaxing few days that I’m now ready to jump back into real life. Well, who am I kidding, I’m never ready for that, but anyway, let’s get back to it. My batteries are charged and I’m ready to take on the new year!

There was 11 of us this year to help ring in the new year. Let the shenanigans commence, right?!

1. Get your crew together

Usually every year in the past we’ve all been spread out with either out of town plans, or laziness to go anywhere, or lack of planning to get tickets to any kind of party, but this year we randomly were all together! Even everyone that is from out of town happened to be home for the holidays. It’s such a blast being able to get together now that we all have jobs and real lives to attend to.

2. Get your booze crew together

One of my favorite loves…sharing a drink with my girls and buddies! We brought so much stuff. It’s the one thing that’s always on the invite list…bring sleeping stuff and BYOB. I think we brought about 5 or 6 bottles of champagne and we made every effort to make sure they never saw 2016. And this year I decided to class it up and do a champagne toast at midnight with everyone. Okay, yes, they were in red solo cups. Give me a break. I’m trying to class it up…baby steps.

3. Let’s have some fun!

This category entails multiple things. We broke out the board games, Jenga, Catch Phrase, Cards Against Humanity, Heads Up (my favorite), and then we also ventured outside for a bit…sledding and snowshoeing the first time was awesome! And all the guys went crazy for the sleds. Just being outdoors was so nice and refreshing and just a calm way to hang out.


We felt like it was a pretty successful celebration…

What did you guys do to celebrate 2016?!

Happy new year y’all 🙂

10 thoughts on “How to Ring in the New Year in 3 Ways

  1. So weird because I’m pretty sure my aunt had that same big bottle of champagne at her house while I was there. And they vacation in Tahoe all the time. Crazy! (I guess not so crazy since you’re both in CA, but still. CA is a big state! 😄) I like having a party to welcome in the new year, but that usually requires having friends first, lol! Maybe next year… 😉

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