How to Be a Lazy Hairstylist in 7 Ways

I absolutely hate doing my hair before work. Hate it. Why waste those precious minutes of beauty rest to get up early and work at the beauty? I embrace my tangled mane! (Ok, not all the time, but about 4 out of 5 days I’m not touching it). I mean, to me, going to work looking all prettied up is nice, but at the same time…why? What’s the point. You know what I mean? Maybe you don’t. But that’s okay. Because you all know how lazy I am when it comes to life, so I’m always looking for socially acceptable short cuts!

So I’ve got a few ‘do’s in my book to whip out in the morning as I’m rushing around like a crazy person. Oh, and disclaimer here: This is a selfie post. Sorry! Love me or hate me 😉

1. The Messy Bun – my absolute go-to style

2. Messy Bun with Braid

4. Tamed Au Natural

5. French Braid

6. High Pony


7. Headband


And there you have it ladies and gentlemen…the many hairs of Allison!  What’s your go to look?!

Happy styling 🙂

40 thoughts on “How to Be a Lazy Hairstylist in 7 Ways

  1. Definitely going with lovin’ ya! We are kindred spirits in this department, although I think I’m even lazier! I could never do a French braid…I’ve tried multiple times. I can do it on my sisters’ hair, but for the life of me I can’t do it on my own. I want to come over to your house for a lazy girl’s hair tutorials, lol! Even my “messy buns” (if you can call them that) are usually a flop. Your messy bun looks so cute!

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  2. I’d love to do a messy bun like in #1 but my hair is at that awkward length were half of it doesn’t work in the bun so it looks like a porcupine on the top of my head lol

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  3. Reblogged this on SassyCatK and commented:
    I love my hair, but it can be such a pain. It takes a lot of work and effort to maintain gorgeous locks.. so finding new ways to make styling my hair simple and easy makes my heart smile. I love Allison’s simple DIY hairstyles that take little time and effort, but are gorgeous! Great for work, a lunch date, or any occasion life throws at you! Check out Allison’s post!

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