Interview with a Recruiter

Happy Monday everyone!
A few weeks ago I was able to get with Kally from MiddleMe and chat with her about my job and advice to jobseekers. It was so much fun!
So for those of you that have ever wanted to know more about my fabulous big girl job…be sure to check this out! 🙂


Some of you have jobs that I think are absolutely fascinating and you might not know it yet but your knowledge benefits a lot of readers here. Allison from How to Get Things Done in 10 Ways is a recruiter and she is here generously donating her time to share her knowledge with us.

Please do drop by her blog, it is full of life hacks and practical advices that I find it super useful and has been a fan of her blog since I stumbled upon one of her article.

Thank you for doing this again! I am so honored that you are taking your precious time in doing in for the readers out there. So alright, the interview, this time round is pretty unique, we are going into a two-bits part. One is to understand more about your job, like what you do exactly. And the other is…

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