How to Snack Like a Healthy Person in 5 Ways

I love food. The number one reason I even attempt to work out: I love to eat. And drink. But mostly eat. I’m not too big on desserts, I could give up sugar in a heart beat. It’s the carbs I crave. I want pizzas, burgers, big cheesy loaves of bread, pasta bowls, nachos; I want the big hearty, heavy meals. I also want to eat all day long. All. Day. Long. I’m like a bottomless pit, counting down the time until I can eat next.

So, because of this need, I’m a snacker. Big time snacker. But I’m trying to watch what I eat so that my working out efforts can actually yield results for once, instead of just keeping me at a steady weight. Snacking is hard when you can’t snack on what you really want to snack on, like the cheetos, potato chips, and cheez-its (my weaknesses). I’ve been trying to focus on healthy snacking, so I’ve thrown out all the “bad” snacks, and anything that may tempt me to stray away from a healthier eating plan. Here’s what I’ve been bringing to work for some healthier snacking!

1. Bananas

Super easy and such a night light snack after breakfast and before lunch. Although, I have to admit, I always feel incredibly dirty eating it at my desk and if anyone walks by I immediately put it away.

2. Hard-boiled eggsΒ 

Perfect snack for a quick little boost of protein. The only habit to break here is for me to cut back on the salt intake. Ha. Yeah right. Baby steps.

3. Greek Yogurt

I buy the Yoplait Greek that has 100 calories, and it’s always the flavored kind, like strawberry. I use the plain flavor to substitute for sour cream. It’s packed with protein, and seems to have less sugars than other brands.

4. Homemade protein balls

I found this recipe on Pinterest and it’s absolutely the best snack ever. It’s packed with protein, so it makes it the perfect little snack before or after a workout. Super easy to make, and it’s such a nice treat. The boyfriend eats them like they’re candy.

5. String Cheese

My favorite. I eat one of these as my “carb” craving. It’s just enough heartiness for me to curb that hunger. But I have to use two hands because I have to string it. I literally, physically, cannot bite into a string cheese.
What kinds of healthy snacks are getting you through the day!?

26 thoughts on “How to Snack Like a Healthy Person in 5 Ways

  1. Crab / seafood sticks are pretty good if you crave a savoury snack, they’re very low in fat.

    Substituting potatoes for sweet potatoes is another trick I like too.

    I’ll have to try those protein balls!!! Nice post πŸ™‚

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