How to Interact With the Barista Boy in 3 Ways

So there are a couple of Starbucks I go to on occasion. My goal in life is to really have a place where I walk in and they already know my name and my drink. I know, I really dream big on that one. Anyway, I don’t visit Starbucks nearly enough for anyone to know who I am or even care for that matter. Yet. Anyway, back to the point of this post. Since I’m awkward, I can never tell if boys are flirting or just being weird…but I have had some pretty interesting comments from different barista boys at all of the local Starbucks.


1. I go inside, order my drink, pick it up from the counter, get in my car, drive 30 minutes to work, get to my desk, take a sip, set the cup down, and that’s when I see it. The barista boy had asked my name to write it on the cup, and he had written it – even spelled it right, too. And then drew a heart next to it. Interesting, huh? You would think maybe a have a great day, or a phone number, or a winky face, might be from a boy more, right? Not a heart. Girls draw hearts on stuff. Come on man.

2. I pull up to the drive thru window and hold out my phone so they can scan my app (so I get my stars, duh). I had been at the boyfriend’s house and forgot to charge it, but was charging it in the car. I think it was at about 10%. The barista boy had to take my phone from me because the scanner wasn’t working and then he says, “Oh, your phone is almost dead. Were you up late last night texting? Were you texting all night long?” I respond with, “Yup. You got me. The texting keeps me up late at night.” I mean, really?! He was talking to me like I was a 14 year old girl. Thanks a lot pal.

3. I walk in one morning and straight to the counter to order. I’ll admit, I was looking pretty good that day. I was on my way to work, it was casual Friday, and I had on some skinny jeans, flats, a black lacy top, and a grey blazer. Casual Friday on fleek*. Anyway, the barista boy looks at me and says, “I’m digging the jacket. That looks really good! I like it!” And I’m thinking, damn girl! You are looking on fleek today. And all I could think to say was, “Wow! Thanks! I like your beard…?” Good one Allison. *Palm to forehead*

Anyone else feeling my struggles? Let me hear about it!

Happy socializing 🙂

19 thoughts on “How to Interact With the Barista Boy in 3 Ways

  1. I like your beard – love it!

    I had an incident where I was introduced to a ridiculously hot singer from a Swedish band (think long curly hair, bare chest and looks amazing in tight leather trousers hot) and I told him he had nice teeth! I still inwardly cringe at that memory…

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