How to Be Not Ladylike in 7 Ways

At some point in my life I kind of lost sight of the fact that I am a woman, who should act a certain way when in public. I’m surprised I landed the boyfriend like I did. And I’m not talking about gender roles and feminism attitudes, I’m talking purely about the fact that I have no idea how to act in a dress and I sit like a man on his lunch break at the construction site. That kind of not-lady-like-ness. Don’t know where I went wrong or when I stopped paying attention in life. I have GOT to get a better attention to detail! Then again, this is a little bit of me being me.

Bursts of Ladylike

1. Spreading legs

Okay, slow down, not that kind of spreading legs! I always sit with my legs apart instead of crossing legs or tucking them in together or crossing ankles. I can’t help it. It’s just more comfortable. In a dress, shorts, jeans, whatever it is, that’s how I find comfort. With my legs spread apart. And then I will have to remember, oh yeah, don’t do that!

Legs Spread

2. Bending over

I always just bend right over. There’s no squating down, there’s just bending right over and sticking my butt out for the world to see. At my company’s golf tournament fundraiser, I bent over to pick something up in my long shorts, and some golfers started spraying at my butt with water guns. Real mature guys. And that’s probably the last time I volunteer for that.

Bend over

3. Standing with feet apart

I always take this wide stance and my arms crossed across my chest. I can just feel my dad radiating out of me. That’s how he stands. And it makes me feel like a dude and I can’t stop doing it. No idea how things got this way.


4. Using the word dude

I am not cool if I use the word dude. Plain and simple. Cut it out. But I really can’t help it! I will work on this one.

5. Sitting in a dress with your feet up on the chair across from you

I don’t wear dresses. Mostly because I don’t own a lot and whenever I do wear one, someone makes a big deal about it. Because of this, I just don’t know how to act, and I go back to the spreading of legs and kicking up my feet on chairs across from me. Oops.

Dress Behavior Gif

6. Burping

I really do a good job of not burping in public. But as soon as I get home, and yes, I’ll admit, even with a few friends around…I totally forget and just let it out! And then I immediately think, “Oh my god, did I really just do that. Outloud?!” I am sorry.


7. Language

Yes, I will admit, I do have a potty mouth and I am ashamed. But sometimes I just don’t even realize it’s happening. And then other times I think, “I am who I am” right?? I know, I hardly curse on here, but when I see the words written down it just looks so harsh. So I just like to keep it to verbal rather than written. But again, working on itttttt.

Tina Fey

Sorry Mom. I don’t know where we went wrong or when I will figure it out. But I will work on this and I will improve! I’ve got to grow up at some point and being more ladylike is probably more attractive anyway. My poor boyfriend. Haha!

Do any of you ladies ever find yourself not being quite as ladylike as you could be? Or am I just a loner on this one?

19 thoughts on “How to Be Not Ladylike in 7 Ways

  1. I do about half of the stuff on your list, but if you met me, you probably wouldn’t think I was unladylike. Mostly because I remember, “oh shoot, that’s the guy way to do it” and correct it. Sometimes, though, I just say, “who cares, this is more comfortable and I don’t care.” It really depends on what mood I’m in. 😊

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  2. Aha this is so funny! I suppose I am quite ladylike as I’m quite reserved and some people at my school think I’m posh because I don’t say words like ‘fam’ or ‘dank’ (are they really counted as words?!?!) But when I’m at home I’m a lot less ladylike-your not alone! 😀

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  3. My mother used to call behavior that was not ladylike “common.” I grew up hearing, “Don’t do that. It’s common.” And it was devastating to hear that I’d done something common because I wanted to be like my mother. But, alas, I was a tomboy through and through. I did manage to behave in ways that made my mother proud most of the time but there were occasions where the tomboy came roaring to the surface and I was a common as a two dollar..well…lady of the evening. It’s good to be ladylike in social situations but sometimes you really need to channel that inner dude. Be yourself, Allison. We all love you just the way you are!

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