How to Prep for a Business Trip in 10 Ways 

During this month I’ve been doing a lot of traveling for work. It was kind of nerve racking at first. As most of you know, I struggle with becoming an adult. Part of me felt like 25 was too young to have all the professional accessories that you see business people traveling with. I’ve got nothing! So as I began my travels, I immediately ransacked my room and closet for my most “grown up” things to take with me.

There was actually a lot to think about in preparation for these daily trips! Most of them were just day trips, but I’ve got a couple overnighters coming up in the near future too, so I want to make sure I’m extra prepared for those too!


1. Consider your transportation


 Are we flying? Driving? Carpooling? How are we getting there, how long will the travel time be, do we know where we’re going? Always my first questions! Luckily, the company I work for has it’s own plane, so we just get to walk around back, hop in, and then hit the runway! It’s not as big as the Kardashians’ plane, but it’ll do!

2. Consider the weather

Where are we going? Is it going to be hot or cold? If it’s hot, what kind of outfits can you wear/bring that will keep you cool, but will also be professional? And if it’s cold, what can you wear/bring that will keep you warm, but still looks cute and businessy? Do you need to bring extra water? Or do you need to bring gloves and a scarf?

3. Consider your bag

 What do you need to take with you? How will you transport all your belongings? Is your bag professional, or is it your tie-dye concert bag? This was my biggest worry – I needed a purse that could carry my laptop, iPad, and a notebook. So I scavenged my purse collection and found this beauty that could fit all of it perfectly! And it still looks super professional, which was a plus!

4. Notepad and pens

 At work I just have one of those spiral notebooks, but to me, it seems a little childish…but I know its not because everyone else uses them at work, but hey, that’s just me. So I ran out and bought my first padfolio. (I also just learned that word.) But check it out, it’s so fancy and professional! Holds my business cards, pens, and a notepad!

5. Headphones

These are always a necessity for travel for me! I can use them to listen to music, podcasts, or watch a movie during the flights, or use them to talk on the phone if I need to be hands free while filing or something. Plus, it’s also a nice way to tune out the coworkers that you don’t need/want to listen to!

6. Phone charger

I am on my phone all day long when I’m out of the office. I’m busy checking emails, texting coworkers, scheduling interviews, and then when I’m taking a break, I’m on it to catch up with the social media of the world or play a game. So that battery is going fast. And I would just die if my phone died while I was out and about. So I’m always sure to bring a wall charger and a portable battery charger for travel, when I can’t get to an outlet.

7. Consider outfit

This is my biggest concern. Actually, no, it’s the shoes that I’m going to wear. I never know how much walking I’ll be doing, so heels are out. But the very first time I flew on the company plane, I wore flats. And the whole flight, my feet were absolutely freezing. When we finally got to our final destination, my big toe on my right foot was so cold that I contemplated telling my coworkers that I needed to go to the hospital. I didn’t say anything, but I did just sit in the back of the room rubbing my toe trying to get the blood flow back! It was freaky! Oh and I don’t wear dresses or skirts because climbing in and out of the plane isn’t exactly graceful enough for that.

8. Paint your nails

You guys know how I am about my nails! They need to be painted, because to me, that shows the amount of your life being together and your adulting levels. So I’m always sure to get them painted before I head out! And plus, showing up with chipped nails is just a little tacky. I do it all the time to work, but when I’m meeting new people I should be trying to impress them with my beautiful nails!

9. Business cards

You’ll never know who will want a business card from you. It’s the easiest form of handing out your contact info. Phone number, fax number, and email. So much easier than, “Do you have a pen?” Instead, you just say, “Let me give you my card.” And then BOOM. Instant adulthood is confirmed.

10. Purse snacks

Every time I’m told that I’ll be going out of town for a work function, my first thought is, “How will I eat lunch?” I never express that question to my boss, but I always immediately assume that I will starve. I won’t know where any food spots are, and sometimes I don’t even have my own vehicle to leave to get the food, so I store plenty of snacks in my purse. If I can’t get lunch for whatever reason, then I’ll be able to snack away the day instead of starve. First world problems right?!


 Anyway, there you have it, my entire thought process before I leave the office! Do you ever travel for work? What is one thing you are always absolutely sure to put in your bag?

18 thoughts on “How to Prep for a Business Trip in 10 Ways 

  1. I love this post! I travel for work as well, actually going to Nashville Tuesday! These are great tips I definitely can use/relate too! Looks like you have an awesome job-how cool you have that little plan to travel in! I’d you don’t mind me asking, what do you do?!

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  2. Ahhh such a tiny plane, i’d probably cry-haha! Your bag looks amazing, I love the pop of color on the outside! Adulting is hard, I dream about being a kid again more than I probably should:)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha. The plane is pretty tiny but flying that way is so much better than commercial!! And I totally love that pop of color too!
      I definitely look at kids now and I’m like you’re so lucky lol


  3. I’m well into adulting and still always find business trips to be an incredible hassle — especially in the winter when I have to pack for a colder climate than I’m used to! great tips! I share your fear of starving on a day trip. snacks are key 😃

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