How to Grow Up Your Shopping Habits in 10 Ways

In my long journey of adulting, I’ve noticed something: I get excited when I am able to make an “adult” purchase. I’m sure some of you know that feeling all too well, but man oh man, shopping for kitchenware or household objects is just so much more exciting than shopping for jewelry or purses. Yes, even I cannot believe I said that. Don’t worry, I’ll take it back at some point. But living on your own changes what you need/want to spend money on!

It’s the things that your parents always had and you never had to even think about where you would get one because they just always had one for you to use. Check out my “adult” purchases that I’ve made in an attempt to slowly grow up more.

1. Ice chest

One of those things that my parents always had and I always borrowed theirs every time we went to a concert or camping or wherever. But then once I moved out…how was I suppose to keep my stuff cold?! How was I suppose to keep my Rockies blue?

2. Air mattress

Never even thought I would need an air mattress until we went on a trip, where there ended up being 11 people in a two bedroom house. We were definitely saving money, but somebody was going to have to sleep on the floor and I made sure I was going to be comfortable.

3. Lawn chairs


My family always went camping when we were younger and my parents always had a shit ton of camping chairs. One for each of us and then some! But now if I ever went somewhere, I was going to have to sit on the ground the entire time. And you definitely want a chair while you’re camping or at a music festival. And ‘Murica right?

4. Blankets


I’m realizing that my parents just had everything. Sure, it was acquired over decades of marriage, but still. I had two blankets that had been around for awhile, but since my apartment is ALWAYS freezing, I realized I need blankets for guests too! Otherwise we will ALL just freeze.

5. Lighter

No, I don’t mean a lighter for smoking. I’m talking about the barbecue lighters, like the ones with the wand on it? Know what I’m talking about? It’s perfect for lighting candles without burning the shit out of your fingers! Especially the bendy torch one.

6. Gift wrap storage box

This became an apparent need especially around Christmas time. I mean where was I going to put all of my Christmas wrapping stuff that I had bought, but still had plenty of for next year?! I found a gift wrap box at Target and it’s amazing.

7. Electric tea kettle

Ummm…the BEST purchase ever. While I was sick the boyfriend converted me to a tea drinker. I’ve always wanted a hot drink to be able to drink, and I had no tea kettle so we would just boil or microwave the water. The boyfriend found the electric tea kettles online and it is AWESOME! Seriously the best thing ever. I’m obsessed and I make more hot drinks now just because I like to use it so much!

8. Towels

When I first moved out, I bought 2 towels. One for me and an extra for while the first one was getting washed. Well, let’s be realistic, the second towel turned into the boyfriend’s and then when I had visitors that needed showering it was super awkward, because I was like uhhh….I don’t have any towels…so I finally bought a set of towels for guests. Not that anyone comes to visit me or stay with me, but IF they do, I gotta be ready!

9. Measuring cups


I don’t cook. I hate it. So why would I ever think about buying measuring cups? But then there was those few times that I decided to try a recipe and when it called for a cup of flour or whatever it was…well I would pull out a pint glass and figure there’s 16 oz there, so half would be about a cup, right? So I would just eyeball that. But then any other kind of measurement? Forget it.

10. Table runner


I have a wooden dining table and I am obsessed with coasters. I don’t want any rings to ruin it! So I discovered table runners and it’s the best thing ever – right down the middle so everyone can put their glasses down. AND I can buy different ones for each season! Seasonal decor, am I right?!


What “adult” purchases have you made that make you just as excited?


25 thoughts on “How to Grow Up Your Shopping Habits in 10 Ways

  1. Ha! A few of these I STILL need to buy (hello ice chest and gift wrap container!). I was SUPER excited when I bought laundry baskets for some reason LOL

    I had been using the pop-up hamper from COLLEGE and/or bags to transport my clothes to the laundromat. Then the wire finally stuck out and was a hazzard to us all so I had to buy baskets. Unfortunately the baskets take up room and I never know quite where to put them so I’m always tripping over them. Oh well.

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  2. All of these! I’ve been out of my mom’s house since I was 6 years now, and I can relate. I still feel very “adult-ish” when I make a big purchase. My husband and I just bought a dining room set a few months back (we had kitchen islands at our two previous houses in Arizona) so we never had a need, until we had to move to Germany. It was a big adult splurge but I love it ๐Ÿ™‚ Love you electric tea kettle by the way! I have just a regular one..but wish I had yours now!

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  3. Totally get this! And I’ve apparently been an adult for ages! I’ve never seen a bendy lighter or gift wrap box?! I never know what to with my wrap and gift bags as I always overbuy! I need these things!
    Also, I’m confused….do you guys not have kettles? x

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