How to Be My Valentine in 10 Ways

Ahhhh, yes, Valentine’s day. Right around the corner. The day of love. Singles Awareness Day. Galentine’s day. Whatever you choose to celebrate, it’s still gonna happen. So yes, this is another Valentine’s day post. Give me a break, it’s a holiday, and I love holidays, and I’ve never written about anything like this in the past so brace yourself. Don’t worry, I’ll make it short and sweet!

It’s amazing the difference in the day from when we were kids to adults. But for whatever reason, Valentine’s day has never been a big deal to me. Of course, the boyfriend and I celebrate it and get each other a gift. This is the fourth Valentine’s day we’ve spent together. Every year we go out the night before for dinner somewhere. It’s just easier that way. No crowds and no overpriced meals. Last year he was skiing through the Alps so we spent the holiday apart, but this year we’re back together! We’ve decided to stay home and cook a gourmet meal together instead this year and then do whatever we want this weekend, just spending time together. Anyway, while we were trying to plan something to do, it got me thinking about some of the favorite dates we’ve had together! Here’s some of our favorite date ideas.

  1. Brewery day date
  2. Cooking your favorite meals
  3. Movie night – in/out/drive-in
  4. A new hike or an old favorite
  5. Dance party in the kitchen/living room
  6. Concert that you both enjoy
  7. Go out to dinner and treat yo’ selves
  8. Head outdoors for a hobby
  9. Go for a drive, who knows where you’ll go
  10. Sporting event and act like diehard fans




15 thoughts on “How to Be My Valentine in 10 Ways

  1. These photos of you guys are super precious! Love them! And good ideas! We usually celebrate the 7th because that’s the day we got engaged. And like you said, if you go out on a day other than the 14th it’s not near as crowded! Hope you guys have a lovely and romantic evening in!

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    • Awwww that’s perfect timing! And thank you!! 🙂
      You guys too!

      Oh!! And I wanted to tell you I got a Skinny Caramel Latte today and it was awesome!! Thanks for the suggestion!!


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