How to Blue Apron Your Life in 10 Ways

Okay, another lazy factor in my life. I hate grocery shopping, so I do the online shopping and then I drive to the store and they bring it out to my car. I hate cooking because I never have any ingredients to try new recipes. But behold, Blue Apron stumbled into my lazy life.


I had heard of this awhile ago, but I could never quite commit to giving it a shot. I’ve also been comparing the other companies that do the same type of business, but then I saw Blue Apron on Groupon. A discounted price to try something that had intrigued me for so long?! I immediately purchased that one!

1. So simple to order

You literally just put what kinds of meats you want, and yes, they have vegetarian options too! And then you pick your delivery day and then BOOM you’re done and now you just wait for the amazingness to arrive. They also have an app so you can check out what meals are next and to manage your deliveries!

2. Surprise meals


There’s no picking out your meals. They send out the same meals to everyone that week. They emailed me the day before to show me what was coming though, so that made me excited to get home the next day and check out my box!

3. Delivered right to your door


No having to go pick up anything, I just drove home, picked my box up off my doormat and then loaded everything into the fridge. It was all perfectly labeled too and came with a ton of ice packs to make sure everything stayed fresh!

4. Just the right amount of ingredients

Part of Blue Apron’s thing is that they send you exactly what the recipe calls for. So if they say one scallion, they send you one scallion. If they say two tablespoons of vinegar, they give you 2 table spoons of vinegar.

5. Directions for everything

They give you a pamphlet for each meal you get, so you can go step by step, and follow the pictures as you begin to cook your fancy meal.

6. Pushing the tastebuds

If I was cooking dinner, I would have never ever thought to use anything that showed up in this box. They included mushrooms and ginger and beets and goat cheese and polenta and so on, and it’s all stuff I would never buy on my own. But it was soooo good!

7. Pushing the kitchen skills

So I have zero skills when it comes to cooking. And honestly, if I can’t just dump it in a pan and sprinkle some salt and pepper on it, then I really have no interest in it. But the boyfriend and I were chopping and sauteing fools! I think our prep time took a little longer, only because I wasn’t use to ever having to do prep!

8. Three Meals for Two People for $60

They sent us three meals with two servings each. We got Shiitake Mushroom and Cabbage Dumplings, Fresh Beet Linguine, and Broccolini and Goat Cheese Polenta. Again, nothing I would ever pick out for myself, but everything was so flavorful!

9. Little room for failure

There was little room for error, and of course I found it! It was pretty funny because during the first dinner, we definitely overcooked the Tatsoi and my entire oven started smoking, and all the smoke detectors went off, and then we had to run around fanning the alarms to get them to stop.  Then my whole apartment was filled with smoke for the rest of the evening. Oops!

10. Everything tastes so good!

There were times when the boyfriend and I were cooking and we were saying, “I don’t know about this…I don’t know how this will taste.” We kept saying that we’d try it, but probably weren’t going to eat parts of the meal. But we decided to suck it up and try something new. I mean, these people were putting these ingredients into these meals for a reason. They couldn’t steer us wrong! And everything was soooo good. It was absolutely amazing. Every. Time.


The ONLY thing we didn’t like about this is that each meal has two servings. For two people. BUT the boyfriend and I eat a lot. Like A LOT usually. I’m sure that if I did some portion control these servings would be perfect. But I always eat to the point of eating so much I feel uncomfortable. If I wasn’t such a big black hole for food, these portions would be great! But the last meal; the Broccolini and Goat Cheese Polenta, was so filling! We couldn’t even finish it! So I think it just depends on the meal. We’re going to test it out again this week because they’re sending us meat so maybe that will help us on the filling up issue!

Have any of you tried any kind of service like this? What are your thoughts? I’m obviously a huge fan. But hey, I can be swayed easily when it comes to food 😉

11 thoughts on “How to Blue Apron Your Life in 10 Ways

  1. Up until a week ago I had never even heard of Blue Apron, but now this is the third time! It sounds like such a neat service! I love to cook (and yes, even grocery shop… I know I’m weird haha), but I know so many people who just don’t have the time. This service sounds awesome!

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    • Yeah we totally love it!! And yes you are a rare breed of human, but hold on to that! I wish I loved grocery shopping and cooking. It’s just not in it for me lol. But we love it because it shows us how to cook different things and how to prepare different things!


  2. I highly suggest hello fresh!! I have heard (and experienced) that the portions are much bigger than blue apron’s. These meals look so good though, I definitely want to try it out.

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