How To Style Your Bar Cart in 10 Ways

When I first moved into my apartment, my roommate and I knew we needed one piece of furniture for sure. Before anything else. A bar cart. She found a great wooden one at IKEA and it was so inexpensive, it was perfect! But then of course, when she moved out and took it with her, I had to put all my cute bar stuff away in the cupboards. I always searched for a new one for myself, but never seemed to have the money.

I’d been having my eye on one on Amazon for awhile, but it was $400 and I knew I’d never get that in this lifetime, which leads me to the next part of this story. I found a $50 gift card to Bed, Bath, and Beyond in my wallet. I knew I had it, but everything is so expensive there that I never found anything worth buying. I decided to check out the clearance section online and just put a bunch of small stuff in my cart to try to get up to $50. Then, on the last page of the clearance section, there it was. The cart I had dreamed of – ON CLEARANCE – for $99!! I bought that baby so fast it made my credit card spin!

It showed up at my door and I honestly felt so bad for the delivery man. It was huge! And heavy. But anyway, I was absolutely ECSTATIC to break out all of my bar accessories and decorate my bar cart!

1. Glassware

Gotta show off the cute glasses that shouldn’t be tucked away in the cupboard! Although, I have soooo much glassware it might start to look like another problem.

2. Straws

I always have to remind the boyfriend that I have cute decorative straws, and then I have the straws that we can actually drink out of. I know, I’m a complicated woman.

3. Openers – Beer and Wine

Another thing I’ve collected from the ole bartending days. I’ve got bottle opener keychains up the ying yang, wine keys, church keys, you name it.

4. Shakers and Strainers

How else am I gonna make those martinis – shaken, not stirred?!

5. Shot glasses

Never know when people want to start getting a little frisky! But you’ve got to be ready for the party animals when they show up.

6. Coasters and cocktail napkins

You know me. Coasters are my thing. Eliminate the rings people!

7. Spill mat

Making drinks can get a little messy and sticky. That’s why you need some sort of spill mat – to catch your overflow!

8. Koozies

For those days when it’s so cold in your apartment, but all you want is a nice cold beer. Put a koozie on it and you’re all set!!

9. Bar books 

I’m a huge fan of having books out for people to look at. Makes sense to put all my books about drinks on the bar cart. Am I right?!

10. BOOZE!

And DUH.


And that’s how you style your bar cart. Anything I’m missing?

Happy Friday y’all!


20 thoughts on “How To Style Your Bar Cart in 10 Ways

  1. Wow! It looks amazing! I’m so jealous! I don’t have room for one but this makes me want one! I can have it in the bedroom right? haha. I love the way you’ve displayed everything. My boyfriend never gets which things are for show either! He just thinks I’m weird! x

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