How to Stock Up on Apps in 10 Ways

Back in the day, I had an HTC phone with Android. I was protesting the crazy fad that was the first iPhone. Then one day I finally caved and got my first iPhone. It was awesome. The iPhone 4S (yes, that means I waited 4 generations of iPhone to cave in). Then I swam a little too long with it in Maui one year and it freaked out on me. It made almost a full recovery, but then eventually died one day. Then I got the iPhone 6 and I love it so much. I’m definitely obsessed with it. And the possibilities for apps is endless! I have a few favorites that are definitely (almost) always running!

1. Instagram


Because I’m obsessed. I’m obsessed with Instagram. That’s really all there is to it. Yes, I love taking pictures of the highlights of my life to make me look super cool. Although, I have this mental block that I can only use Instagram on the weekends. Don’t ask why. I have no clue. I guess that weekday life is just uncool for me.

2. Afterlight


My FAVORITE photo editing app. My friend had been using it for the past year and always told me to download. Yes, it’s a .99 cent app. But it’s amazing and totally takes your Instagram game to the next level.

3. WordPress


Duh. How else would I be communicating with all of you awesome people?! Although, I will admit, my favorite part about the app is being able to upload all of my photos from my phone straight into the posts. But then I hop on my laptop and rearrange them all. But I don’t like how you can’t search for blogs by name ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

4. Facebook


Love this to keep up with all of everyone else’s drama. Just kidding. Kind of. But most of my family is all over the state so it’s awesome to keep up with them that way! And plus, it’s my only source of news since my apartment is a big black hole and I never know what’s going on in the world. Then I turn to Facebook and get all caught up.

5. FaceTune


Another lovely editing app. But do be careful with this one! Everyone is into the “Smooth” tool. But they get a little carried away and end up blurring their whole face! No one looks like that. Cool it with the smoother already!

6. Starbucks


Oh yeahhhh you know I be ordering off that Starbucks app and collecting those stars to get free drinks! AND mobile order?! Hello, best invention ever. I order when I leave the house, drive over to Starbucks, park, hop out, go up to the counter, and they’ve got it waiting for me. No lines and I’ll be on time to work!

7. Amazon


I’m sure you now know that I’m addicted to online shopping and hunting for a deal. With the Amazon app it makes it so easy to look up whatever I’m thinking of and see how much it is and then “buy now” if I want! Or I just load it up in my cart and wait until I have more money saved. It’s so easy! Too easy….

8. Pandora


I used to be all about the iTunes Radio. Until recently they stopped letting you use it for free and now are charging for it. Forget that. No way in hell am I paying for that. So I hopped back over to Pandora. All the music I could ever need at my fingertips and I never have to stress about making a playlist. Boom. Done. That’s my jam.

9. Pinterest


The ultimate spot for inspiration. For pretty much anything and everything. Thinking of changing your hair? Look it up on Pinterest. Looking for a healthier recipe for dinner tomorrow? Look it up on Pinterest. Going on vacation and need tips on what to see/do? Look it up on Pinterest. Want to find a new workout? Look it up on Pinterest. It’s all there waiting for you.

10. Venmo


This is another app I just recently discovered! My friend told me about it, but basically it’s a way to transfer money between you and your friends. So say that you go out of town and split a hotel room. You put it on one credit card (obviously) and then all of your friends can transfer you money right there. No waiting for a check to be written or to see them next time so they can pay you back. It’s just right there. Done!


What are some of your favorite apps? I love discovering new ones that are so helpful or just purely entertaining!


26 thoughts on “How to Stock Up on Apps in 10 Ways

  1. I do the same with the WordPress one, much easier than fussing about emailing myself pictures!
    Haha, blurry faces are everywhere! Like I know you weren’t born blurred… ๐Ÿ˜€

    I didn’t know about Pandora, going to download right now! x

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  2. I love these apps you introduce and I have most of them. The others I can’t live without are Etsy, Soundhound and mSecure. Without Etsy, I couldn’t find independent designs to buy from, Soundhound allows me to identify the music playing in the malls and mSecure remembers all my passwords.

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