How to Come Up With a Blog Post in 10 Ways

I’ve been noticing a trend of everyone posting about post ideas, which leads me to believe that everyone else in the blogosphere is feeling the same writer’s block that I am! So here is my contribution in hopes that I’ll spark some new material for myself! (And hey, I think it’s already working since this post was born!)


1. “I’ve always wondered…”

Write that down!! Now turn it into a post. You’re welcome.

2. Get to know me

These are always fun! Give us some insight into what makes you tick; what it’d be like to hang out with you for a day.

3. Favorite trips

Had an awesome vacation? Share your tips! Share what you loved and what you didn’t. Share the disasters! Help your fellow travelers prepare for a trip there as well.

4. Favorite things

Yes, even if it’s a fabulous window cleaner you want to share with the world. I want to hear about it.

5. Your dinners for the week

People are always looking for new meals to make for dinner!

6. Get to know your S.O. 

What makes them so special? How’d you meet? Oh I already see a post forming for my future….

7. Your favorite room in your house

Or object for those of you smart enough to still live at home 😉

8. Weekend Happenings

What did you do? Ever since I got my big girl job, I absolutely CHERISH my weekends. How do spend yours?

9. Your hidden talent

Yes, it’s okay, brag a little. I’m going to right now…I am weirdly insanely good at card games. That’s just my thing. Bring it.

10. Your recent steals

Just got a little black dress for $12?? Do share! How, what, when, why?!


There you have it! Hope that helps. I’m already feeling better and have a ton of new material to work on!

Happy Monday!


11 thoughts on “How to Come Up With a Blog Post in 10 Ways

  1. Love this post…you have some great ideas, girl! I’ll have to come back here next time I get writers block (we all know it will happen!). At the moment I am working down the pileup of posts and post ideas that accumulated during my absence, and my biggest problem is finding the time to write. I’ve picked up some of my other hobbies, and I have to pick and choose which one to spend my time doing. 😜

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  2. Great post.. i must admit though that with number 10 (recent steals) i had something else in mind when i read the title… but i do think that could also make a great post! 😛

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