Blog Swap! How to Get Your Butt to the Gym in 8 Ways

Today I am swapping blogs with my girl Kaitlyn over at Me, Myself And Everything Else! She’s is writing on my blog and I am writing on hers! Hopefully aiming to make this a first Thursday of every month type thing! We think A LOT alike and I know you guys will love this and her blog! (Although, I’m pretty sure most of you already know her! But if you don’t, go check out her blog! After you read this of course)  🙂

Anyway, Kaitlyn has a lot of good two cents about life, fun things to do, and fitness! She’s helping motivate me get this saggy butt to the gym and hopefully you too!


Conversations like this happen regularly:

Allison: Omg I want In-n-Out!

Me: Me toooooooo. 

Allison: Let’s just skip the gym and go there!!

Me: Ok!!!

Allison: Really? 

Me: No. Don’t be crazy. 

And vice versa! Today I am giving the “How To” a try and giving you some tips on how to get that butt in the gym! I’m so excited about this blog swap with Allison! We have been working out together and have totally been the ones to convince each other we can’t skip that workout! We’ve seen each other both very motivated and very unmotivated. I’m sure a lot of you would agree that whether you’re first getting up in the morning or you’re coming home from a long day of work, working out isn’t always the first thing on your mind! I don’t blame you! Here are some simple ways to get that butt motivated and in the gym!


1. Pack a workout bag every night and bring it with you to work, school or wherever you may be going! That big bag you’re dragging around will be a huge reminder of where you need to go. You also won’t have the excuse of not having time to get your gym stuff together.

2. Make a plan with a friend! If you’re able to snag a gym buddy then you’re more likely to stick to it. You won’t want to let them down and you can push each other in making the gym a priority. Sometimes you will be the strong one and sometimes they will!

3. Set goals for yourself. Why do you want to accomplish this? Whether the reason is big or small it will give you something to pull from when you just don’t want to go! Right now mine is… “Bathing suit, bathing suit, vacations, bathing suit!”

4. Similar to #3, if you accomplish something then remind yourself of this when not wanting to go. “You have to go; you didn’t go down a size by sitting on your butt.” “Remember how strong and confident after the gym you felt…”

5. Make it the biggest priority in your head. You have to go and you will go. If it’s not a priority to you, then you won’t go because no one else it going to make you go.

6. With that said, make sure you have some people on your side that will give you the push you need and encouragement to get there!

7. You’ll never regret a workout. Make that be the annoying mantra in your head! It’s the truth. Annoying as it may be…

8. Find at least one workout you don’t mind. If you can convince yourself to at least get there by saying “Well, I’ll at least go and just do like 20 minutes on the elliptical.” Most times you’ll get there and continue to do more because you’re there and the endorphins are starting to flow!!

image2I would love to hear if you guys use any of these to get yourself going. Also, if you have any tips I didn’t mention let me know because I could always use more!


20 thoughts on “Blog Swap! How to Get Your Butt to the Gym in 8 Ways

  1. Great tips, especially the last one about going to the gym for something small and possibly staying and doing more! Another tip for working out is to get a piece of new workout gear–cuz then you’ll be more excited to workout to tryout the new gear

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