How to Start the Countdown to Vacation in 10 Ways

So it’s that time again…vacation time! Okay, so the vacation is still a couple of months away, but the countdown is on! I like to take a substantial vacation every six months, and this one coming up will be a little overdue…but it’s worth it! I usually start planning vacations shortly after one ends, so this is how I get that countdown started!

1. Get time off work


This is a no brainer. If you don’t get the time off cleared, then there really is no point in going any further, right? It’s always nerve wrecking, but my boss is usually pretty nice about allowing for time off.

2. Buy flights and room

I always get something to lock me in. So if a project at work comes up, I just say, sorry, everything has already been booked! And plus, I like to spend a month or so hunting for cheap flights!

3. Start countdown on phone


I’ve got my countdown app on my phone for these vacations! Put in the date, and watch the days count down! How exciting!

4. Workout

This vacation is going to be bikini central. Time to get rid of that winter layer I’ve been holding on to! I’ve been doing my best to get in the gym 3 to 4 days a week and sometimes twice a day if I’m motivated enough! Time to tighten up!

5. Clean up your eating

Abs are made in the kitchen, right!? All that working out is going to go to waste if I don’t pay attention in the kitchen! I’m really focusing on cleaner eating until vacation. Cutting back on all the fatty foods and beer. Vodka tonic for me please!

6. Cut back on spending

Vacations cost money. That’s all there is to it. So for me, that means no more online shopping for fun, no more Starbucks drinks, no more eating out multiple times a week. It means a lot more of staying home and making my own tea. But hey, that money is going to treat me once I’m on vacation!

7. Tan

Again, since this is a bikini vacation, I want to get a base tan so I don’t spend the first few days of my vacation totally fried! That is no fun, and so painful.

8. Whiten those pearlys

I see lots of pictures in my future! Gotta have that smile lookin’ prime!

9. Buy a new bikini

This is more of my reward, if I can continue to work out up to the vacation. If I dedicate my time to working out and healthier eating, then hell yes, I’ve earned myself a new bikini. Or two πŸ˜‰

10. Buy a couple of new vacation outfits

And duh! Nothing more fun than buying a couple of new outfits for vacation! I’ll be looking good, feeling good, and dressing good! Have you seen these fun shirts from Suburban Riot?


I can’t wait for vacation time! How do you countdown to your vacations?


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