How to Spend Your Rainy Day in 5 Ways

For whatever reason, we finally got some rain! It feels like it’s been forever. I even got to break out my Hunter boots! Yeah, that much rain! I’m a planner. (I’m sure most of you already knew that) But I love my weekends! When a rainy weekend comes along, yes, it dampens some of my plans (did you see what I did there?), but sometimes it’s just as nice to catch up on things!


1. Puddle stomping

A few years ago I got a pair of Hunters rain boots and I’ve literally only worn them a handful of times because it has hardly rained! Not this time though! It was pouring so I pulled those boots out and went stomping in some puddles!

2. Catch up on blogging


There is nothing that I love more than being stuck in doors and have nothing to do but work on my blog. Reading blogs, commenting, writing, taking photos for the blog. It forces me to sit down and focus. And I love it!

3. Cuddle up with some tea


Now that I’ve been converted, I love grabbing a cup of tea and cuddling up on the couch. Even if it’s while the boyfriend plays video games, I still love cuddling up with my tea and browsing through magazines, books, or coloring in my coloring book!

4. Make a fire


We don’t do this very often, but I absolutely love having a fire in the house! It’s so warm and cozy and makes me literally never want to get dressed. I just like soaking in and even staring into all that warmth.

5. Have friends over for a marathon day

I have so many TV shows that I’m obsessed with…and I never feel like I have enough time to watch all of them. So what better way to spend a day stuck indoors? Marathon those shows! Kaitlyn and I are obsessed with Party Down South and we are two seasons behind! So we got some blankets and lounged around, catching up on the show. And of course with a mimosa!


What kinds of things do you do on a rainy day? I could have honestly come up with so many things, but this rainy day was spent house sitting, so cleaning and laundry was out!

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