Monthly Goals Update: March

March is already halfway over?! Well, I’m a few days late and I think I underestimated how long a month was. I didn’t think I was doing too well with my goals, but actually it’s not too bad! Well, let’s see how I’m doing…


1. Workout 5 days a week. I’ve been doing pretty good! I’ve worked out 4-5 days each week so far! Some workouts are not as long as others, but it still counts!

2. Lose 5 lbs. Not here yet, but I have lost 3 lbs! I think that’s a pretty good path to get to 5 by the end of the month!

3. Learn to meal prep! I’ve been meal prepping like a mofo! No joke! It has been amazing. I don’t even have to worry about breakfast or lunch every morning. I just open up the fridge and grab my meal and head out the door!


4. Clear out the clutter. I was focusing on getting rid of all my Goodwill piles. They’re still in there, but my sister has been slowly tackling them, claiming anything she wants. So naturally, I’ll have to wait for her to finish before I donate the rest 😉

5. Do some rearranging of the bedroom. Nope. Haven’t even had a minute to think about this one.


6. Get outdoors more. It’s been raining! It never rains. But these last couple weeks have been pretty raining! I did go for a run outside at the beginning of the month. That counts. Today is sunny. That’s promising…

7. Do some crafting. None of this yet.


7. Be more understanding. Working on it. The boyfriend did start his new job and he’s been mentally drained everyday. So we really haven’t had much to say. It’s been get home, work out, make dinner, bed. We’re exhausted!

8. Do something cute on our anniversary of meeting each other. Well…that was girls night to watch the Bachelor finale. Sorry hun! Oops. Fail.


I’ve got some things to work on! Still a couple weeks left of March…and I’ve got this!


18 thoughts on “Monthly Goals Update: March

  1. Don worry you still have days to go !! and like some said, atleast you have set goals for the month. There are lesser mortals like me who live it on the edge 😀 I say for having more funn time with your guy try cooking with some music on ? It always used todo the trick for us when both of us were working. Improves the mood quite a lot. You can try different playlists. Maybe rock one day/country another/his and your playlists and so on 🙂

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