How to Get to Know Me: My Current Obsessions

I’m gonna break down this “Get to Know Me” segment a little differently this time. Yes, mostly because I have a lot of obsessions and don’t want to bore you, but also because this week I am seriously so obsessed.

Let me take you back to Christmas time. I was trying to help the boyfriend think of a gift for his momma. I thought, “Oh I’ll just browse through Etsy and see if there’s any unique pieces of jewelry we could get her!” I occasionally browse through Etsy since there is literally a HUGE selection of things. A lot handmade too! I love the opportunity to support someone’s small business. Anyway, I found one of those gold bar necklaces that I’m obsessed with (no, this is not the obsession I’m talking about today) from a little shop in Washington called LayeredandLong. All of their stuff is handmade and absolutely so cute. And the necklace I picked out was customizable, so I had them add all of the initials of the boyfriend’s siblings.

It seriously arrived in just a few days and with the hustle and bustle of Christmas orders, I was so shocked they could get it to me that fast! It was so beautiful and his mom loved it! Score! For the first time in like ever I felt compelled to review that necklace and let them know just how awesome I thought they were. And turns out they are the friendliest most helpful sellers I have ever interacted with!

You guys should seriously go check out their shop on Etsy here. If you’re looking for unique, simple, sophisticated jewelry, look no further! I am just seriously so excited about what they’re doing, that I just had to share! Check out what they just sent me!

I got a ton of compliments on my necklace when I wore it to work! I just love the simplicity of it! Totally my style.


This necklace was sent to me complimentary as a courtesy from LayeredandLong as a token of their gratitude and review purposes. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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