How to Quit Your Blog in 1 Way




I am most definitely not quitting blogging. I’m just getting started here! 🙂

Sorry, you’re not going to be able to get rid of me that easily! Ah geez, I love April Fool’s Day. Except I look forward to playing jokes every year, but then never come up with anything good until April 2nd. By then I’m way too late. And it’s a never ending vicious cycle.

Okay, hurry, go!

I want to hear your best April Fool’s Day jokes! What do you got for me? Considering covering the boyfriend’s toilet seat with vaseline…that one never fails 😉


9 thoughts on “How to Quit Your Blog in 1 Way

  1. I played the ‘I’m pregnant’ joke on my sister, I’m bridesmaid for her in 3 weeks and the two other bridesmaids already got pregnant! She fell for it for a second then realised it was April 1st!
    Glad you’re not really quitting!! Xo

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  2. I only just saw this in my emails so was like ‘Nooooo!’ Phew! Glad you’re still here!
    Yeah, I’m rubbish at April Fools! I thought about the pregnancy joke, but I thought my boyfriend might be nice about it (he better be!) and then I’d feel bad. He never knows what the date is, let alone April fools!
    I need a good one to prepare for next year!

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